Hey, Everyone With Super Strict Parents: It Gets Better (Usually)

If you have the kind of parents who set a lot of rules and are basically just super strict about everything from grades to boys to friends, trust me when I say that I feel your pain. I love my parents to death and owe them everything, but when I was in high school, they made my life incredibly frustrating by being ridiculously strict.

My freshman year of high school was when my parents started getting super strict. At first, it was all about demanding good grades from me (which, fine, I can understand). A’s were the best, B’s were sometimes acceptable, C’s and D’s – never. F’s? Forget about it. This was manageable. I could deal with being forced to do well in school. Fine, whatever. But at some point, my parents decided that they didn’t approve of my friends. Actually, they hated them. This made things difficult, to say the least.

For one thing, I was never allowed to go to anyone’s house unless my mom called to talk to their parents first. As I’m sure you can imagine, this was humiliating. My mom would call my friend’s parents to check up on me to see if I was really going there or to see what we were doing.

The worst moment of this checking up on me nonsense? One night, I was going to hang out with a friend we’ll call L and a bunch of other girls. My mom particularly disliked L and insisted on speaking to her parents before I went there. Trying to avoid the situation, I lied and said I didn’t have her number – so instead, she dropped me off and wouldn’t let me out of the car until she spoke to them. That was when L had to awkwardly explain to my mom that her parents couldn’t talk because they were taking a bath… together. I was never allowed to go over there again. Seriously.

Major sad face | Source: ShutterStock

Major sad face | Source: ShutterStock

I could go on and on about all of the times that my parents embarrassed me in front of my friends by being super strict and overprotective, but I won’t, because the memories are painful. Moving on to their attempt at ruining my first real relationship.

When I was 15-years-old, I started dating a guy we’ll call D. D and I got very serious very quickly and my parents didn’t like it. They didn’t approve of D, who was your typical insufferable emo teenager (my mom wanted me to date the blonde, tall, good-looking captain of the football team. No, this is not a movie – just my sad life).

D and I were obsessed with each other, but my parents weren’t having it. They quickly made a rule that I wasn’t allowed to see D during the week, only on the weekends… and even then, they’d find an excuse. Since we couldn’t hang out together Monday-Thursday, D and I would talk on the phone for all hours of the night. We literally used to fall asleep on the phone together. This was, for some reason, my parent’s worst nightmare. Even though it didn’t affect them in the slightest bit, they decided it had to stop.

So, what did they do? Oh, what any rational parent would do – collect all of the house phones (this was before all teens had cell phones) and hide them in their room, obviously. Guys, they would literally disconnect our phone connection every single night and hold all of the phones hostage so I couldn’t use them.

Many more things like this happened. There were points of my high school life where I literally wasn’t allowed to do anything. My parents and I fought on a regular basis, which I don’t even think needs to be said.

We get along much better now | Source: ShutterStock

We get along much better now | Source: ShutterStock

So, is there a happy ending to this story? Thankfully, yes. At some point during my senior year, my parents realized how completely insane they were being, took a chill pill and relaxed. They got to know my boyfriend and actually started to really like him. They started to accept my friends and realized they probably shouldn’t keep me away from them. My 11 PM curfew disappeared, replaced with… no curfew. I know, it was a dramatic turn.

The worst part about all of this? Okay, there are two worst parts. One: I was never even a bad kid. For real. When considering the other things most high school kids do and go through, my parents should have been on their knees thanking me for being the daughter I was. I got good grades, I never once got detention in my entire life, I had a part-time job all through high school, I never did drugs, I very rarely drank, I was in all sorts of after school activities… I mean, I was even voted Most Shy in high school, for crying out loud!

Sure, I did a few bad things because everyone makes mistakes, but for the most part, I was a great kid. It actually hurt my feelings that my parents were so suspicious of my very move, enough to feel the need to restrict me from doing anything. I worked my butt off to impress them and to do the right thing and it was never acknowledged. It was the worst. I get that they love me and just wanted what was best for me, and I appreciate their intentions… I just wish they had gone about it a different way.

The second worst thing? I have a younger brother and sister and guess what? They have literally always been allowed to do everything they want – and both of them are harder to handle than I was.

If you have parents similar to mine, the only thing I can say to you is this: it gets better. Usually. I mean, maybe not for everyone. But for most people, it does. My advice? Try your hardest not to rebel. Try to reason with them in the most rational way that you can. In the worst case scenario (like mine), you just have to wait it out. Hopefully, your parents will eventually realize that they can trust you… and then they’ll apologize. Hey, it happened to me!

Are your parents strict? Have they ever embarrassed you in front of your friends or boyfriend? What rules do they give you? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Katie

    I feel like the more my parents restrict me and don’t let be myself the more I want to do things to upset them but of course I don’t and instead of being the hipster fun loving person I am I have to be the good all work no play girl who only cares about school and going to college

  • Monie

    My mother is seriously strict since we moved out in the county I didn’t know nobody out here so when I made a friend she lived like right across from me my mother would barely let me go over then when I ask to stay the night it’s always a no .. Then when I ask to go outside not to far I have to bring my siblings out to some timse I jus want to be alone and when I ask to go hang out at my other friend house she even met the girl I told her that her mother was home and her little brother and sister and my mom says I don’t know them people .. Like ugh of course you don’t but can you trust me to let me out I even said until 8 cause it’ll still be light out so when she wouldn’t let me I slept all day that’s all I do stay in the house sleep , eat , be on my phone and do shit for her I’m getting to old for this I’m about to be 17 next month and she don’t give me the responsibly to do nothing stay treating me like one of my siblings all of them younger than me … I always do what she says even when I don’t want to cause I know she make me do it anyway and she just won’t let me have fun as a teenager suppose to I feel like I been stuck in this place a whole month ain’t go nowhere with any of my friends I miss them so much they in the city only time I can see them is on weekends and she don’t trust me to go in the city and stay with my friend like I’ll even have my phone you can always contact me I jus hate being treated like a prisoner always even the house I feel like my friend never going to invite me out anymore cause my mother so strict they’ll know she’ll say no …

    I just want to move out and go stay with my aunt can’t wait to turn 18 and get all my shit together so I can get my own place she keep treating me like this it’s going to make me want to leave and not come back she barely talk to me about how I’m doing or feeling we don’t got that mother and daughter connection at all so one day when I do snap I hope it gets to her

  • Crystal Franklin

    My father gave away MY flute, that he never paid a dime towards, to my stepsisters daughter. I want it back and he’s fighting tooth and toenail against giving it to me. I have a receipt of the purchase.

    • SLIN

      Are you serious!? I hope you get your flute back.

  • secret

    My parents are beyond strict.. At least they let you have a boyfriend, Im not to speak of boys unless i intend to get married to them.
    They complain if i’m in my room. They complain that i don’t clean enough. They make me do chores as well as their own chores (iron my mothers clothing, wash my fathers clothes, pour them food). No matter what I do, i’ll never be enough. They always have something to pinpoint. They’re even strict with what i wear. Mind you the only skin i show is my face and hands and ankles. They watch me like a hawk even though i’m the least rebellious child in my entire family. I just don’t get why they wont give me space to breathe. Its been a long 19 Years and i cannot handle it.

  • Mikaela Day

    Hey, I can totally relate to u. I get A’s in all my high school classes, I’ve never done drugs or anything. Seriously, I have been one of the best kids imaginable. And what do I get for it? I’m not allowed to go ANYWHERE with my friends unless my parents are there. I mean, it’s insane. They do trust me for anything but I’ve never even given them a cause to doubt me. I’m 15 years old and I’m not allowed to have a boyfriend or even like a boy. My mom says I’m too young to be thinking about such things. It drives me crazy. But I have to agree with u, just keep calm and try to explain to ur parents why they should compromise a little. I’m still waiting for that to work on mine

  • torturedsoul

    wow. Pretty much the same with me except for: my dad was the more controlling one in the household and my mom didn’t even have a say unless it was in his favor of belief on rules for me. I wasn’t allowed to have a cell phone, I wasn’t allowed to go to anybodys house or have anyone over, I wasn’t allowed to have friends unless my dad knew who they were magically (never happened). I wasn’t allowed to date or even talk to any male classmates (hi, bye, how are you, etc). The guy part was more of a culture thing but he was still overdoing it. I was not allowed to go out with any friends, and if I did, he wanted to be around us or have my mom around us, and literally listen to every word of our conversations, jokes etc. I wasn’t allowed to have any profiles on the internet (as a teen), wasn’t allowed to have a cell phone, wasn’t allowed to give my number out to anybody unless it was a female classmate and for strictly homework/assignment purposes. Even then, they would listen to the conversation from one of the other phones inside the house to hear what we would be discussing. He wasn’t okay with me using the internet for doing research (homework/assignment purposes), but when i had no choice he couldn’t do much, except make me extremely uncomfortable or sneak up on me, or just sit there and watch me (or have my mom do it).

    I went through this not only in high school but also as a child (excluding the dating part and the internet part obviously). Wasn’t allowed to play outside a lot with kids in our complex, wasn’t allowed to go over their houses or have them over (on a rare occasion it was ok). When I finished high school and moved onto college, all of this remained as it was. Still wasn’t allowed to go out or do anything. I had never been to one of the biggest landmarks in my hometown nearby area that people travel from all around the world, or at least the continent i should say, to see. All my friends would go there every now and then for a day or a weekend and enjoy their time, but I wasn’t allowed to go. And even when I was on a rare occasion, I would constantly get really annoying calls from my dad or he would make my mom call and….basically “check up on me” “see what time im coming back” “if im home yet if im nearby yet”, etc…but the tone of their voices would just make me not even enjoy my time out and away from them. Wherever it may have been. So I used to find my secret ways a lot. I was never a bad kid either like I never did drugs or smoked or slept around or any of the sort. Til this day I have never touched any drugs and I am almost 30, and am very proud of that. It wasn’t because I was scared of my parents it was because I knew it was just wrong.

    Sometimes I would sneak out of class or skip it just to go and hang out with some of my friends from school, or go to the mall, because I wasn’t allowed to do it any other time. I did get in trouble for it, my grades did get affected by all the stress I had and it was extremely hard to focus on anything with the ridiculous standards my father had. I am not married and out of the country, not too far away but still. Whenever I go to visit my father he still acts really weird when I say I am going to see a friend or something. So if I lived in the same city as him, I would still be under his control even if I am married and if I would have had children.

    By the way, I was physically abused by him too. There were times where he tried to kill me and did not succeed. He has been to jail 3 times (twice for hurting my mom and once for hurting me and my mom). But he still doesn’t care and still has the same mentality. It’s really sad!

  • Zaria Ariella

    My parents are ultra strict, ultra conservative and ultra controlling. They actively discourage me from making friends (and they complain when I am terrible at human interactions), forbid me from absolutely everything and they have succeeded in completely ruining my life and ensuring that I have virtually no life whatsoever. I never go out, I never have friends over or vice versa. I have no freedom. it’s simply wakeup, school, revision, chores, bed and maybe a few hours off to read. I have very few proper memories to treasure. How can I ensure I can keep my sanity and have more freedom?

  • Yutolia

    My parents were really strict, but in strange and totally unrealistic ways. I could go out with whoever and stay out all night and do whatever. One of the unspoken rules actually was that if someone invited me to do something, I HAD TO DO IT, unless a family event was happening. My mom was (and still is) terrified of people not liking me because in her mind we’re not really separate people and that means that these people didn’t like her either (yes, I realize how messed up this sounds). So that meant that whatever anyone asked me to do, no matter how I felt about the action or the person inviting me, I had to do it. For awhile I got away with just not telling her anything about people inviting me to stuff, but during this time I was subjected to lots of lectures about how she thought I had no friends, and I needed to basically get rid of my whole personality. Then one time a “friend” that I had told about the situation asked me out. I said no. His response was to call my mom and tell her everything. My mom then forced me to go on a date with him. But at the same time, she also regularly told me how much she hated people that she had figured out were my friends.

    Another rule was that I wasn’t allowed to have any privacy. I was never allowed to lock my door, and my parents always purposely kept stuff of their own in my room so that they “had to have access at all times”. I tried talking to them about moving them (mostly books) to another space, and they always avoided the topic. At one point I moved the books myself only to find them back in my room when I got back from school the next day.

    The last really bizarre rule that had was that I was not allowed to get angry with them, ever. When they did something that hurt me or upset me, and I tried to talk to them about it, I would get shut down immediately with them yelling at me about how unreasonable I was being and how emotionally out of control I was. Of course, I was concerned about this because I certainly felt out of control in the home situation I was in, but the others I talked to (teachers, school counselors, and friends my parents didn’t know I had) said that they were actually concerned about me because I never expressed emotions at all (I was terrified to – all that ever got me was yelled at, shut down, and ignored or threatened with sending me to a school for “bad” kids).

    Since not living with them for almost 20 years, I have realized that a lot of what was expected of me was unreasonable. I’ve tried to have a relationship with them, but as much as they say that they’ve changed, everything mostly stays the same. Now I just don’t let my guard down around them, but that’s exhausting, so I mostly just keep contact with them at the bare minimum.

  • #Moderndaygirlproblems

    In the 21st century the dating stages work completely differently as to when our parents were younger ! and they just don’t seem to understand that we can’t live by their rules when it doesn’t fit in to what’s seems as okay in modern times ; it would be like trying to make a stone age man live in our modern society…. the puzzle pieces just don’t fit. All I am trying to say is how the hell am I meant to tell my parents that I like the guy but were not quite at the relationship point yet because its all completely different to “how it used to be ” . I’m so sick of hearing that term because people change , technology change and emotions CHANGE ! so why cant they just accept change ? because right now it embarrassing having to tell my parents where I am going out 24/7 and if its a boys house then … its a no go

  • Anushee Jain

    i hate my parents especially mom ..she is a conservative woman she doesnt want me to talk to boys and always doubts me whenever i go to my female friend’s place .i hate her wat shud i do to make her trust. me

  • Reece

    Omg my parents are getting more strict by the day! Ok, so I just turned 15 like, last week and had my party which I had invited 2 friends over. After the party, my mom had drove me and my friends to the movies to see a new scary Christmas movie called “Krampus”. We saw the movie and then went home, my friends stayed the night at my house and we had a lot of fun before they left with their parents. But now it’s only been like a few days and me and my friends planned to go to the movies the next day. We literally talked on the phone for an hour about it, and we even invited a few boys. The boy I have a crush on and his friend. That’s it. And we are going to see a KIDS movie, so it’s not like we are doing anything bad. At first, I decided not to tell my parents that there were gonna be boys there because a I knew they’d freak. And I was right! I’m not a bad girl, so on the morning we were gonna see the movie, I got guilty and told my mom about the boys and she got so pissed. She said I couldn’t go unless my friends mom is chaperoning. So I just stomped into my room and texted my friend like crazy. So now I feel like every day, my parents are getting stricter and stricter… I might start to rebel! But I don’t know, maybe there’s a reason behind why they won’t let me do certain things? Is it because I’m the oldest child in my family? I have 2 younger brothers and a baby sister. My brothers are 12 and 8 and my little sister is only 5 and I feel like my sister gets to do whatever she wants! I mean, sometimes when she asks for something, my parents say no… But then she starts to throw a tantrum and starts crying and after she starts the crying, my parents just give her what she wants!!! Which is really stupid, because every time she throws a fit, she gets whatever she WANTS. Ugh she’s such a brat. Please can someone tell me how to get my parents to loosen up a bit??

    • Nadya

      As the oldest child, parents have the highest expectations for you. I know you probably didn’t ask for it, which sucks. (Assuming you live in the US) Do you have a job or know how to drive a car?

  • Bethany

    My parents are very opinionated and from that have become extremely strict, I sat exams summer this year and got back all A’s and B’s which was better than i expected, now doing my second year of exams a lot is expected to the point in my parents opinion anything below a B isn’t accepted and if you where to get a C you might as well give up on any academic hope for further education. So i was told tonight if i was to be at a current working grade of C i’d would have to start paying rent or move out.

  • Koori Kae

    My mom (divorced family, haven’t seen dad in half a year since he was late for my birthday), I have no words to describe. She’s the stereotypical Asian parent: strict, and demanding that you be the perfect child she supposedly was (basically, you have to complete everything stupid little thing that they couldn’t). So, my friends and I, after a friend we’ll say is R’s birthday party (went to the movies which was walking distance from the school and hung out for a few hours), were discussing MY birthday party. Sure, it was almost 2 whole months away, but we were already planning it. We’re already set on going to the movies, and my mom said yes, but oh! I have to be back in time for dinner, which is like at 6 (I get out of school at 3pm, and we’re supposed to go to the movies after school), you know, on my birthday cuz why not have a curfew of 6pm?

    I was okay with that. I could still hang out and hopefully watch the movie. Then here comes the bad part. I ask for a sleepover on, ahem, MY BIRTHDAY, and she says no. Reason?

    One time this ex-friend came over and my flute happened to get lost, so guess what my mom does? SHE BLAMES THE FLUTE ON MY FRIEND, WHEN I CLEARLY SAID THAT I LOST IT AND THAT IT’S ALL MY FAULT. Well she did slap me first so we have that. So she started a fight with her mom, called my ex-friend (“L”) stupid and all the bad words you could say in Chinese, and then said that her mom was rude. Sure. Okay. Now because of that one incident, my mom feels the need to have a one hour chat with every family member and parent of my best friends, who, I should add, have been my best friends for at least 3 years each.

    Back to the sleepover problem. So, I can’t have a sleepover with MY BEST FRIENDS (there’s only 3 I would ever invite, and one of them probs can’t make it, and the other one, she’s known the parents of since first grade) on MY BIRTHDAY because why? Oh, you know, CUZ SHE DOESN’T LIKE IT. Yes everyone, I can’t have a sleepover on my birthday with my best friends because she doesn’t like sleepovers.

    I tried to negotiate and she just brings up the L incident over and over. That wasn’t even a sleepover either, we were just walking home. WTF. She then says I’ve had plenty. In all the years I’ve lived, I’ve had TWO, TWO, sleepovers! They were both at friends who’s parents she’s known for years’ places, and none in my own house, where it’d be safer. She says it’s bad for it to be a habit! JUST STOP CONTROLLING MY LIFE.

    I’m saying it now, and I already know everything you guys will say, but I will say this again (as in most people know this now): I don’t love my mom. I don’t hate her (most of the time) but I 100% do not love her. Rather than her, my grandmother is more my mom. My first memory was of my mom leaving to America without me (I was 3) as I screamed and cried for her not to go, could you blame me? Btw reason was cuz, see, I’m a girl and at the time, you could only have one kid in China, and my dad wanted a girl. So they moved. My mom didn’t have a boy, so they divorced, then she came back for me.

    My mom will never read this and I’m just ranting, but….

    I’m not going to go to UCLA or any of the schools close to where we live and get a degree in engineering, I’m not going to be perfect and obey everything you say, and I’m not going to be the ladylike, absolutely wonderful daughter you want. I want to go to Juilliard in NY and get a degree in drama, I want to move out and experience what living on my own is like, I want to pursue my dream with the support of my friends (and you, but that’d never happen), and I probably will never stop being an absolute tomboy who moves forward in life based on her instincts. I wanted to at least have some small sort of understanding between us before that, but I guess that’ll never happen. When I become 18 and, maybe, go to Juilliard or some other school, you’ll probably be mad at me. You’ll probably slap me and call me horrible things. I won’t stop though, I’ll just trick you into signing whatever you have to, since I’m such a bad daughter, like you said. Then I’ll move on.


  • Kitzia

    I’m 16 years old. It’s just me, my little brother and sister and my dad. I love my dad, he works so hard. However, he’s paranoid about something happening to me if i left the house to see friends. I now have a two month holiday for Christmas and he will be working almost the entire time. I have to babysit my siblings. for two months straight. Its been a week since i have left my room. (trying not to go insane) I’m going to be done studying all my school units for next year at this rate. #boredomdesperation

  • El

    Okay so I’m a 14yr female and my parents are really strict. They make me go to bed before 9, I have to do all my homework before I can relax, I have to be off my phone, computer and down from my bedroom after tea (6pm) until I can go to bed and they are always lecturing me about my clothes (emo style), hair (I always wear it down and hate it up) and my makeup (which is just mascara). My bedroom must always be tidy and my school clothes out for the next day. These have slackened off over the years though, but they’re still there and I’m constantly reminded of them.
    Whenever I have friends over or my boyfriend, or if I go to their houses, my parents MUST know their details such as when I’m going, where I’m going, who I’m going with, the time I’m picked up at and why I’m going. I get why they’re doing this because they’re being protective but can they just calm down a bit?
    Whenever I’m near them or any member of our family, I must use my etiquette and not use any swear words, speak when spoken to and stay quiet and look interested when I’m not.
    However, when I’m with my friends at school I can forget about them and relax. I lightly swear, make crude jokes yet I remember my manners. I have amazing grades so don’t start judging me yet :3
    This morning my dad had found a chat I was on with our tablet last night. I had sworn ONCE and it was the second time he had caught me swearing on social media. He told me that if he catches me swearing one more time he’ll take away my phone, my social accounts (FB, twitter etc.) and he’ll prevent me from seeing my friends and my boyfriend for a long while as I’m apparently acting like a ‘scumbag’. I really don’t want this to happen because they’re basically my second family and something like that happening would tear me apart. There are people in my year at school who have had sex and done other sexually explicit things and who have also taken drugs. Would my parents rather me sleep around or let me swear with my friends? It’s a stupid question I know, but they don’t know that what I do is better than what others do. I don’t see why they won’t let me choose what I want to do with my life and not be restricted by their ideas.

    ~ If any of you have advice to help me it would be greatly appreciated. I don’t want this to happen and so I’m currently preventing myself from swearing on my phone. But if there is any other advice, I would really appreciate some, thank you.

  • Jean

    i’m 16 and still have a bed time for fucks sake my parents are undeniably incredibly strict it is absolutely ridiculous I have been home schooled for the past 8 months and have been out, get this, ONCE lI have literally only been out with friends ONCE and guess what happened when I did they were waiting for me outside the movie theatre with this girl i didn’t know all that well so of course meeting my parents and my little brother was extremely embarrassing for both of us it is to the point where my mental sanity is barely in tact my social skills are absolute trash now I don’t even know how to talk to people my age I honestly fear for my own well being and my own future.

  • Carmie

    Wow I relate to this so much. Especially the whole being a perfect kid thing, even my aunt’s friends (my aunt and I are a decade and a day apart- my mom went into labor at her 10th birthday party) say that they’d be so annoyed if I was their sister bc I never do anything. My mom is so controlling she gets angry if she reads my texts and sees that I’ve even mention a male star from like an old movie is attractive.

    I’m on the honor roll. I have a 3.9 GPA. I’m in intense music courses. I star in plays and musicals and such. I clean the whole damn house. I watch my sister who they’re lowkey too busy to raise. I don’t believe in drinking or drugs rn bc I’m so dedicated to music. And nothing is really ever good enough. My mom is constantly believing I have sex with people and dumb shit like that and is always accusing me of doing stuff like that; with the oh so infamous quote, “I was a teenager once you know.” But I literally do nothing and what frustrates me is that she’ll accuse me (she actually tried to say I had an STD a month or so ago) of doing all of these things. And then lie and say that she didn’t accuse me of anything and then lie and say she hasn’t lied in years bc she’s a born again Christian. Lies. Lies. Lies. And thats what she claims to hate the most. Even four or so years ago, she didn’t even want me to shave. Just to be able to be in control. It’s insane. At the very least, I’m allowed to go out with friends, but every time I come home she’s angry. She keeps threatening tolike either kick me out, send me to ‘live with my father’ (which is something my stepdad says despite the fact that he claims to accept me as his child more lies woot woot) send me to live in a completely different part of the US, but I’d probably just leave if she tried to do that.

  • molly

    My parents are complete freaks. I love having ear piercings, I think they are a really neat way t express yourself. Well, my dad said I looked like a hooker so he made me take them out because he is a sexist pig. Im now 16 and I had my friend pierce my nose. My mom saw it and completely freaked out. she kept it a secret from my dad until yesterday. Now I have no phone, no friends, no sports, and no trust. My dad literally said to me” you’re dead to me, and the only way you can go out with your friends is if you move out”. WHO SAYS THAT?! anyway they have always been strict, but they are over reacting. I can understand if I was trying to get a serious job, but im not. I just dont know what to do. my choices are, get emancipated, move in with a friend, or try to deal with being sheltered until i move out, HELP!

  • Chichi

    I am 17 and in my first year of college, yet you would think I was a first grader based on how my parents treat me. They never allowed me to stay over at a friend’s place, NEVER, even when they knew my friend’s parents. On top of that, calling friends over to my place was also frowned upon. They didn’t even like me hanging out with my friends outside school.
    My elder brother has a girlfriend and my parents talk about how accepting and modern they are about such stuff, but if I had a boyfriend?! Oh no, no way! It’s a big no no. And every time I try to have a talk with them, all they say is “It will affect your grades”, “you shouldn’t get distracted from studies “,” you’re not the best anyways. ” I get it, I wasn’t the topper of my school and I sometimes get bad marks, but I still was among the top scorers of my school. I try so hard to please them and I love them with all my heart, but sometimes they’re just so overprotective! They never let me participate in extra curriculars just because they thought it would interfere with my studies.
    I haven’t seen my best friend since graduation, and so I was super excited to hear that she was coming home. I begged my mother to let me meet her, and you know what she said? “We don’t have the time.” And obviously I’m not allowed to go anywhere on my own, so that’s that. That’s my life.

    I’m sorry if I went on a rant here, but I’m really sad and angry right now. Feel like crying ?

  • シクラトガアル

    Ughh… I’m an 8th grader, but my parents won’t let me do anything…
    Okay, my life isn’t as bad as many of yours, but I just have to let this out.
    For the past years in my whole sad life, I’ve been a loner, no true friends, nobody to hang out with. I was depressed and miserable. And my parents kept nagging at me about it, critisizing me about it.
    Now, I’ve finally found a couple of people to hang out with. I’m still shy and don’t have that many friends. I’m not gonna deny that fact. But finally, I got my first invitation to hang out. Literally, I have not been invited anywhere since I started middle school. And you can imagine how excited I was.
    One of my friends (let’s call her K), invited me to go ice skating and to the cinema. When I tried asking my mom for permission, she kept fussing about how it was too far away. K then changed the location, it was slightly nearer now. And it took a lot of convincing, but my mom finally let me… sounds good right? Well, wait till you hear the rest…
    Me and K had plans to go home together, to go around the mall together. I’ve never been to the mall with my friends before, I was always the sad little girl trailing after her family. And my mom said that I can’t let my friend accompany me home, I have to get PICKED UP, not driven in a car, literally letting my mom PICK ME UP. I have no exact curfew – I have to be PICKED UP and back home by like 6 at the latest. ughh.
    And my friend gets to go round anime stores, go round the mall, go hang out wherever, she’s around the same age as me btw and is allowed to go wherever after school, do whatever and just go home to sleep. She has no curfew. She’s allowed to do anything. I’m just… so jealous.
    Right now, K doesn’t seem so keen on the plan because of my restrictions. They just can’t compromise… :/
    I could go and and on about some of the horrible names my mom has called me, but I won’t.
    anyway, im done. Let’s hope that i can still go to the mall and hang out with her…