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Guys, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and if you are still struggling to shop for the perfect gift, I have a super quick last-minute idea that I once made for my boyfriend. Not only did he like it, but I had a blast making it!

Some background: I love talking in movie quotes. Seriously, sometimes I feel like I speak in quotes more than I speak in original thoughts. So when it came to writing a cutesy valentine, I had a hard time thinking up something original to say.

Well, my boyfriend loves movies as much as me, so I decided to start finding all of these quotes about love from different movies. I copied and pasted them into a word doc, and then sorted the quotes so that the whole thing sort of read like a letter.

When I was done, I was like, okay, this is cute, but… it needed some flair. I then gave each movie a specific color and font. So, say I had two quotes from The Notebook, they would both be red and maybe in Helvetica font. Then maybe, one of those quotes would be followed by a line from 10 Things I Hate About You that I had put in green Comic Sans. Basically, since it was all jumbled, it was kind of a fun explosion of colors and fonts.

I drew from a whole range of movies that I loved. This way, I was able to mix kind of more sappy stuff with lighthearted funny quotes. I have a hard time being super earnest (I love a good eye roll), so it made sense for me to try and include some more of those funny quotes that still showed I thought my boyfriend was awesome. After the main quotes letter, I made a second page that listed all of the movies I used, each written in the same font and color to match their quotes.

So I gave my boyfriend the first letter and had him try to see how many he could figure out for himself. He loved going through it and kind of saw it as a fun challenge to try and guess them all correctly. I had enjoyed making it so much that it didn’t even seem to take all that long… but he still commented on how thoughtful it was for me to put the whole thing together.

Want to try this out? Some ideas: You can dress it up a little bit by pasting it on a piece of construction paper or giving some homemade cookies to go along with it. In my case, my boyfriend actually hadn’t heard of some of the movies I’d picked, which meant I was able to use this as a reason to plan some future dates where we could watch them together.

Another year, I did something similar that was made up of song lyrics. If you’re more into that idea, you can give a bonus gift of a mix CD with all of the songs you used. Do you guys love watching a certain TV show together? I’m sure it’s something you could make with quotes just from that one show. Basically, if you have trouble expressing your feelings and you feel like the clock is ticking down, this super fun and simple gift could be your solution.

Are you still looking for a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift? What’s the best gift you have ever made for someone? Tell me in the comments!

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