10 Steps To Being An Amazing Wing Woman

So Selena and Justin are done, but reportedly, Justin wants his friend Alfredo Flores to help get back his former girlfriend. Whether this will actually lead to a Jelena reunion, only time will tell, but it’s no secret that friends get strategically used in the dating world (even in non-famous circles).

You’ve probably heard the expression “wingman,” in regard to a person you bring along to help you land a date. A friend’s help can be really useful in trying to get a date, and it’s always nice to have a buddy there to show their support.

So how can you be the BWW (Best Wing Woman) ever if your BFF asks for your help? Well you can start by following these ten steps!

Do you consider one of your friends your go-to wing woman? Have you ever been someone else’s wing woman? How did it go? Tell us in the comments!

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