What Could Your Favorite Frozen Yogurt Topping Say About You? Find Out Now!

Get ready to wish it was already time for dessert! A recent survey from How About We found that grabbing frozen yogurt is the treat most often suggested for a first date.

This does not surprise me. First of all, frozen yogurt is delicious! Second of all, one time I definitely saw Kevin Jonas in line for fro-yo in front of me, so yeah, that happened.

Okay, so probably not all dates involve seeing a Jonas Brother, but How About We interviewed a rep from fro-yo chain 16 Handles and asked what he thought fro-yo topping choice could reveal on a date. He made some mention about how your topping choice or amount can show “you,” but he sadly didn’t dive into what exactly specific toppings could mean.

Well, that’s where we’ve come in to help you figure out just what your fro-yo toppings (or maybe your date’s!) could really be saying.

Click on your topping of choice to see what it says about you!

Gummy Bears

Carob Chips



Sugary Cereal



Chocolate Candies

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  • Morgana5953

    Um, my favorite frozen yogurt topping is Kit Kats. Does that mean I’m unique or something?