Sexy Sexy With Shallon: What Should I Get My Boyfriend For Valentine’s Day?

Love--and confusion--is in the air!

Why do I love Cupid’s favorite holiday? An excuse to do DUCKFACE!

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re single or coupled up, it’s a holiday fraught with question. If single, you (or at least I) ponder things like “What type of chocolate should I eat alone in a dry bathtub on Feb. 14?” Or, “How many sappy Lifetime TV movies can I watch before wanting to eat myself to death?” And of course, “Am I going to die alone surrounded by 10 cats?”

But, having a boyfriend raises other issues, namely: WTF do I get him?!?

The easy answer is something lame like a backrub or sex, but B has been so amazing that I want to get him an actual present. But then again, boys do love sex. In fact, my go-to last minute boy gift (don’t tell that I’ve done this before–every guy likes to think he’s the first) is the whipped cream bikini.

Not familiar? OMFG download Varsity Blues RIGHT NOW. GO! NOW! There’s no time to waste! It’s an awesome idea for many reasons: it’s cheap, it leads to sex, you can do it at any size (and not have pesky lingerie issues like pokey underwires or muffin-topping) and it’s made of dairy–boys love dairy. They seriously do. When was the last time you saw a guy turn down nachos? That’s what I thought.

So that’s option one. It’d be great if we were doing the whole “Oh, let’s not get each other anything” type of Valentine’s Day, but since it’s our first together, methinks he may be getting me something. So I’m going to feel kinda stupid if he turns up with a Tiffany’s box and I bust out a can of Reddi-Whip :/

My other idea is a fitness starter kit. I’ve been working out with a trainer for the last month and am SUPER into it, inspiring him to sign up for one as well. I love the idea of us getting in shape together and supporting one another–and having someone else to complain to who understands.

Since B is new to the whole gym rat thing, I thought it’d be cool to get him a nice gym bag, a foam roller, some supplements and a subscription to Men’s Fitness magazine or something with bulging men on the cover (that’s also a treat for me, let’s not pretend).

So Gurls, I am leaving my Valentine’s Day plans in your hands! Vote in the poll to decide what I should give B for V-day, or feel free to suggest something totes different. I’ve listened to you lovelies so far and everything has worked out amazingly perfectly perfect, so I won’t stop now!  What are you going to be doing Feb. 14?


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