Why Does Fox News Care About Whether Or Not Kelly Clarkson And Adele Are Overweight?

Adele Kelly Clarkson 2013 Grammys overweight Fox News

Adele and Kelly Clarkson looked amazing at the 2013 Grammys, but faced criticism for allegedly being overweight on Fox News. | Source: WENN

Adele and Kelly Clarkson both took home trophies at the 2013 Grammys–and they both were subject to more stupid, pointless scrutiny about being deemed overweight. Fox News dubbed a whole segment to it on Neil Cavuto’s show, based only on the Twitter responses of a bunch of bored nobodies wrote on Twitter.

In any case, they brought on a nutrition expert named Keren Gilbert who said that if Adele or Kelly Clarkson walked into her office to lose 10 pounds that she wouldn’t turn them away. But she does concede that, though she labels them as overweight, that they’re both beautiful (That last part we already knew).

(Note: While we know you’re tempted to be like, “Ugh, who asked you?” and we agree with that sentiment, Fox News clearly asked Keren Gilbert to be on the program, or else she wouldn’t be there.)

Gilbert goes on to talk about how doctors use the BMI to measure body fat and determine a healthy weight, despite the science behind it being disputed (more on that here) and it often being inaccurate because muscle weighs more than fat does–so a BMI scale can easily point to a really fit person as being overweight. The dietician also acknowledges that Adele just had a baby (but not that Kelly Clarkson just lost a bunch of weight), but then whines that we’re “a nation of excuses.”

Even though Adele is actually British. But whatever, who cares about accuracy, amirite ladies?

Cavuto actually attempts to defend Adele and Kelly and the other stars and civilians that Gilbert would consider overweight, but he in essence just says that skinny people can be sick too, and that she herself may be too thin . . . which is just another form of body shaming, though an accidental one. You can watch the cluster-eff here:

While we appreciate Cavuto’s efforts, everyone here is missing the point: whether or not anyone is overweight is no one’s business but their own, and being overweight doesn’t automatically mean you’re unhealthy–just like being skinny doesn’t automatically mean that you are healthy. The only other person’s opinion you should trust is your doctor’s. If you feel energized, healthy and happy, chances are you’re at a good size for you, regardless of what some unsolicited, PR-hungry nutritionist has to say about it.

And dude, if they can get on Adele and Kelly Clarkson for supposedly being overweight, why isn’t anyone picking on Marcus Mumford? Oh, right. Sexism. But that’s a whole other blog post.

Do you think Adele and Kelly Clarkson were unfairly targeted for being overweight? Do you think Kelly Clarkson and Adele are responsible to be role models and therefore shouldn’t be overweight? Do you think the media picks on females more than males in terms of overweight celebs? Do you think Fox News should have bothered having Keren Gilbert on their show if they were just going to basically tell her to shut up? Tell us in the comments!

As if you needed another reason to adore Kelly Clarkson, but here’s one anyway!

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  • Caroline

    Well, as an M.D. who is actally working on the value (or not) of the BMI for our health I have to tell you that, as are many medical procedures, medicine, treatments etc. the BMI is a valid means to measure the right weight FOR MEN. Men suffer from much more problems because of overweigth than women do, in fact: for men’s health it seems to be better to be a little underweight, and for women’s health it seems a few pounds too many are better than being underweight.
    women’s bodies seem to be able to cope with more colesterol as men, too.
    We published a study about this, but it seems no one wants to read about those facts, and are right now publishing a whole book with assorted studies ( and case studies) on this.

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  • SHLOMO Cell

    Keren was telling it as is.If we want to decrease obesity in the USA we have to face reality.Just because overweight is the norm now doesn’t mean we have to accept it.Celebaties are role models and have a responsiblety.