My Boyfriend Accused Me Of Cheating. I Was With My Brother.

During one of the off periods of my on-and-off high school relationship, I started seeing someone new. For the purposes of this story, I’ll name him Joe. I met him at a concert, gave him my number and he asked me out. Joe was super cute and nice, and I was fed up with my on-and-off boyfriend so I agreed.

We went on a few dates, and I liked Joe a lot. It was the summer so I had trips planned with my girlfriends, which he got really upset about. In my head I was thinking I’ve only been seeing this guy for a few weeks, what’s his damage?

I went to the beach for a week, and he was blowing up my phone the entire time. I was so annoyed I would just turn my phone off. When I wouldn’t respond he would message me on Facebook. Crazy, right?

When I got back, Joe asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes but was worried about how he had acted while I was out of town. I had to leave for another week to go to cheerleading camp with my squad, and he got mad that I wasn’t going to be around again. I didn’t understand why he was so upset that I had my own life.

Joe came over the night I got back from camp and insisted on seeing me basically every day for the rest of the summer because he was leaving for college soon. I’m someone who needs space on the reg, so this was not cool with me. I told him I had plans with my friends and family too, but we could hang out other than that. He wasn’t happy.

I went to dinner with my brother and while we were eating, I got like six calls and a ton of texts from Joe accusing me of cheating on him and freaking out that I wasn’t responding. I was furious and texted him back that I was with my brother and I’d call him later.

And I did. To break up with him. I told Joe that his behavior was absolutely ridiculous and that I couldn’t be with someone that overbearing and jealous. Homeboy needed to get a grip and maybe see a therapist about that jealousy.

He sent me a Facebook message a few days later telling me that my stubbornness got the best of me and if we never saw each other that there was no point to us dating. And I was all “Dude, I already broke up with you.”

Poor Joe.

Have you ever dealt with a super clingy boyfriend? How did you handle it? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Katie

    I had a really clingy boyfriend for nearly a year. Close to our anniversary, in yet another fight over me having friends and him being “more dedicated” by not having friends, I finally broke down and told him he was clingy. I had been living with him, and he basically just stopped interacting with me other than asking me to drive him places (even though he had his own car, might I add). It eventually got so bad, within a week or so, that I confronted him, and he basically told me to leave. He dumped me because I called him clingy. He kicked me out of his house with no where to go and no money to go with (it was after one of my paycheck a evaporated within three days of gettin it) be ause I had told him he was clingy. Apparently, if you ever realize a clingy issue, you need to leave ASAP. Don’t bother trying to “fix” them. They will leave you homeless and gas-less. Just. A tip.

  • gg

    My best friend has a boyfriend just like that and i hate him! He once dumped her because she was texting a different guy, and then refused to get back with her unless he could read all her messages. She won’t dump him and i don’t know why. How can i get her to see sense?

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  • bakerychaz

    Clingy alert!!!!

  • LittleRedWolfGirl

    Ugh, I cannot stand people like that. If I was with someone and saw that they were like that, I’d talk to them about it, and if it didn’t change, that’d be it.