Homophobic Parents Tried To Ruin Prom For Gay And Lesbian Students!

homophobic parents prom gay and lesbian students

Homophobic parents couldn’t put a damper gay and lesbian students for their prom! | Source: Shutterstock

A group of homophobic parents and one homophobic teacher–who didn’t even teach at the school or in the town in question–tried to block LGBTQ students from going to prom. Dude, WTF?

But! The school principal and awesome students didn’t let that happen. Did we mention the students are awesome? Because they’re awesome.

Here’s what happened.

On Sunday night, a group of students, parents and staff from Sullivan High School in Indiana met at a church to discuss whether gay and lesbian students should be allowed to walk in the march to prom. Some people (including a few particularly zealous students) opposed this, but the principal, David Springer, told them, “Anyone should be allowed to go to the prom. Of course, a girl could go out with another girl or if they didn’t have a date or that was their choice.”

That led to another group pretty much being like, “Well eff that then, we’ll have our own prom without those pesky homosexuals!”

A teacher from another school–dude, why was she even there?–actually said, when asked if she thinks homosexuals have a purpose in life (uh, what kind of question is that?), “No, I honestly don’t. Sorry, but I don’t. I don’t understand it.” Yeah, she obviously doesn’t–because she’s regarding them as some bizarre “other” as opposed to people and human beings who just happen to like making out with people who have the same equipment down there. What difference does it make?

Thankfully, just about everyone realized that this woman is clearly an idiot, and even the church came out and was like, “Uh, no.”

“Our church has no involvement in this whatsoever. It’s a community thing where people have met here,” the church pastor Dale Wise said.

Students agreed. “You should be able to go with whoever you want. You shouldn’t be discriminated against for what you are, what you believe in,” Sullivan High School junior Emily Butler said. Smart girl!

Another student had certain conditions for gay and lesbian students to attend prom, but we sort of think these should apply to everyone: “As long as they aren’t sitting there and kissing on the dance floor and grinding on each other, stuff like that, I don’t have a problem with that, I don’t see what’s wrong with it. Prom is for everybody. It’s a high school experience.”

Be honest: No one really wants to see anyone else, male or female, gay or straight, making out or dry humping on a dance floor. Or anywhere else other than a video feed on a laptop in the privacy of their own homes. Let’s not have double standards here, sweetie.

Meetings are still being held to determine whether a separate, “no homo” event will be held.

Listen, if you don’t agree with homosexuality, that’s your right. But to treat homosexuals, who science has proved time and again are born that way (you go, Gaga),  like second class citizens in a public school–paid for by taxes by both straight and LGBTQ people, because, well, taxes are universal–is not only ignorant, but also simply morally and possibly legally wrong. If you want purely heterosexual proms, go to a private school and pay for it yourselves.

Do you think the homophobic parents in this story are right or wrong to want to ban gay and lesbian students from prom? Would you have a separate prom if you knew gay and lesbians students would be at your prom? Do you think a separate prom should be held for only heterosexual students? Do you think gay and lesbian students are being discriminated against in this story? Tell us in the comments!

Are you homophobic? Then you might be gay. No, seriously.

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  • Lollyholly

    Well, I’m Homosexuell, and what should I say? Everybody should do what he wants. I’m religios to, I’m Satanic. A person is a person, no matter what he likes or not. I realy don’t unterstand Homophobic people.I yust don’t.

  • Emily

    Wow. I hate how people discriminate against others that they don’t even know. That’s not cool at all. I don’t even understand why some people are homophobic. It’s not your life, so don’t worry about it! You need only worry about your own life. Just because you “don’t believe” in homosexuality because of whatever reason, does not give you a right to discriminate against others because they do not believe the same way you do. I don’t get it! The whole situation is ridiculous and immature, really. “I don’t like them! I will NOT be seen going to the same place as them…We should do something to make them not be able to go! “. Really. That’s childish. I’m fourteen and I think I’m way more mature than these idiotic parents and teachers. Having a best friend who is gay, I can honestly tell you, she is no different than any other girl to me. She’s still a person. So her sexual preference is different. Why should I care? She’s still the same lovable, amazing, hilarious and outgoing girl that I know. I love her to bits. As long as someone isn’t a jerk, I’m fine with them. I don’t care about what religion they believe in, what color they are, where they’re from, what they look like, what their sexual preference is or anything like that. Most of those things, they can’t even control. I judge them on how they act as a person. Why can’t people do that more often? I’m sick of hearing stories like this one.

  • allie

    I don’t believe in homosexuality because I’m a strict Christian.
    But I also don’t believe that those who are should be discriminated or not aloud to go to certain events. So no I don’t believe in it, but I believe people should be able to make their own decisions, and be able to love who they want

    • Marie

      Same. I disagree with t because of religious reasons. It’s pretty absurd to expect everyone to follow the standards of my religion. Besides, it doesn’t affect me in any way. Why discriminate?

      But where did the Q come from? I thought it was just LGBT?

      • Elanor

        “Q” stands for “Queer”, which is sort of a blanket term for the community and which people use when they don’t want to label themselves. I wish there were more people like you (Marie and allie), because even though I disagree with you on homosexuality, if we sat in a room together, we could have a completely civilized discussion about it! We need more voices of tolerance in this issue, and shouting each other down does absolutely no good (regardless of what side you’re on).

  • Sophia

    i think that all people should be allowed to prom. prom is a group event that’s one of the last big things before you graduate and everyone should be able to have that experience. if you have a problem with gays or lesbians coming to prom than don’t kick them out you stay home and not go. don’t stop other people from having fun because of your issues.

  • bakerychaz

    I’ve heard of this happening in tons of other schools. I read about one where a lesbian couple weren’t allowed into prom, so they held a better one in the parking lot! I think LGBTQ people should be able to come to prom, because at my prom, I’ll probably bring a girl (I’m questioning). There’s totally nothing wrong with it, gays and lesbian couples are no different to straight couples.