#TellAFeministThankYou: The 10 Best Tweets About Feminism

When I saw that #TellAFeministThankYou was trending on Twitter today, I was stoked. People appreciating feminism and all it’s done for society? Yay! I’m always on board for that. But then we started reading the actual tweets and unfortunately, most of them weren’t pretty. A lot of these tweets were about feminism being about hypocrisy, double standards and something about making sandwiches. Major sad face.

Instead of focusing on those people who apparently don’t realize that feminism is about equality of all people and not superiority of women (maybe they should read this), I decided to focus on the people who celebrated feminism. I rounded up 10 of my favorite tweets from the #TellAFeministThankYou hash tag – some are funny, some are serious, all are super smart. Check it out:

feminism movement




















Which of these tweets was your favorite? What are your thoughts on feminism? What would you thank a feminist for? Tell us in the comments!


Feminism, explained!

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  • Emma

    I don’t live in America – I’m English – so maybe I can’t really comment about what things are like in the US, but I hate the way that ‘feminism’ is used as an insult. People just don’t understand that feminists aren’t asking for feminine superiority but equality for women. There is a difference. In fact, today at school, I had a packet of sweets and a boy I barely know asked for one. I said no on the grounds that a) they were my snack, b) he’s never given me any of his sweets and c) I didn’t have many left, but then I gave a sweet to my friend because obviously, they’re my friend and they would give me some of their food. When the boy saw this he yelled out ‘sexist’. I wasn’t being sexist, but I hate the way that sexism, even now, is everywhere. At school, boys say things like ‘shouldn’t you be in the kitchen’ just to annoy the girls and make general sexist remarks. Not all of the boys, but some. There really is nothing more annoying.

  • bakerychaz

    I like Mist’s one!