Study Says Men Are More Trusting Than Women – That Needs To Stop

A few weeks ago, I read a study that said that men do more social media snooping than women do. Honestly, I was really surprised by these results – as I stated in my original post on the subject, I had always felt that women did a lot more checking up on their partner than men do. I was left kind of confused and also oddly comforted by the fact that dudes are Facebook stalking more than us. But now, with the results of yet another study, I’m feeling even more confused.

According to The Normal Bar, the world’s most extensive survey about all things love, men are more trusting than women. In a poll of over 100,000 people, researchers found that 53 percent of men trust their partners while only 39 percent of women can say the same.

Don’t these results kind of clash with the social media study? Yeah, sort of. But at the same time, this consensus is something that makes much more sense to me. I’ve always felt that women have more trouble trusting guys. While this hunch has only been based on my own personal experiences (and my friends, of course), I can finally say that science is backing me up.

But I really can’t feel too great about this mini victory. Why? Well, these numbers prove that the majority of us don’t trust our partners. Seeing as trust is a huge part of a healthy relationship, this is a pretty big problem… probably one that we should all be working on.

Personally, I feel like a lot of girls go into relationships with the idea that they can’t – and shouldn’t – trust their boyfriend. I’m totally a victim of doing this. While I agree that a guy (or anyone) needs to earn your trust, I also think that at some point, you need to learn to trust him. If you can’t, your relationship is going to suffer.

Let’s take the subject of snooping as an example. A while ago, I wrote a post about going through my boyfriend’s cell phone; how much I regretted it and how I think no one should ever do it. I thought a lot of people were going to agree with me… but I’m continually shocked by the comments, most of which are encouraging girls to go through their boyfriend’s phones because guys can’t be fully trusted.

Hey, everyone: we need to work on our trust issues.  Trust is such an important part of a relationship. Without it, there’s all this annoying fighting and bickering and that constant feeling of worrying what your boyfriend is doing behind your back. That feeling sucks! If you’re dating someone you can’t trust because you think he or she is doing shady things, then… why are you dating them?

I’m not saying that everyone deserves to be trusted or that we should all be naive about everything that happens. And, hey, I know how hard it is to feel vulnerable and to trust someone. Believe me! I have a ton of nasty trust issues. But the fact that almost half of the men and more than half of the women surveyed don’t trust their partners isn’t a good thing.

So, I want to know: do you have trust issues with guys? Do you trust your boyfriend completely? How do you let yourself trust someone? Do you think you can never fully trust anyone? Tell me in the comments. 


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