If Your Best Friend Hates Your Boyfriend, He May Be A Bad Guy!

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Does your best friend think your boyfriend is a bad guy? In the case of Rihanna and Chris Brown, Katy Perry thinks he’s a jerk. | Source: WENN

If your best friend hates your boyfriend, there are a few things that could be at play. She may be jealous that you’re not spending as much time together. She may be jealous that she’s single and you’re attached. She may miss having someone to troll for guys with. Fair enough.

But if your best friend really hates your boyfriend, there’s a chance that she really thinks he’s a bad guy. Case in point: Katy Perry and Rihanna. The pop star duo used to be inseparable, always sitting side-by-side at awards shows and hanging out, but at the 2013 Grammys last night (Feb. 10), they were way far apart–so Rihanna could cuddle with Chris Brown.

Katy Perry reportedly is still super angry at Chris Brown for assaulting Rihanna before the 2009 Grammys and can’t forgive him for it. She’s super protective of Rihanna because that’s her girl and she tried to warn her against getting back together with Chris, but Rihanna didn’t listen . . . so eventually Katy just walked away from their friendship because she didn’t want to watch her bestie get hurt again and make a bad decision.

Whether you think Rihanna–or the world–should forgive Chris Brown isn’t the point. The point is that if someone who truly cares about you and knows you to your core thinks a dude you’re dating is a bad guy (which is very different from a “bad boy”), she may be on to something.

Your best friend knows you better than anyone–so if she says your boyfriend isn’t right for you and you know it’s not for any ulterior motive she may have, you might want to listen. Your best friend knows how you are in every situation, she knows what you’re looking for in a guy, and chances are if you vent to her, she knows whether or not your relationship is making you happy. Your best friend knows if you’re not yourself, and she can probably pick up on things about your relationship that you may not even be able to see because you’ve got your love-blinders on. And if your boyfriend is a jerk, your best friend definitely knows that you can do better.

Your best friend wants to see you happy. If your boyfriend consistently makes you miserable–be it through violence (which you should absolutely never tolerate), drama or just flaking too much, take her advice. You’ll probably be really glad you did. (Plus there’s that whole “chicks before d***s thing, too.)

Did you ever deal with a best friend who hated your boyfriend? Do you think Katy Perry was right to walk away from her friendship with Rihanna over Chris Brown? Did you ever have to break up with a best friend over a bad guy? Tell us in the comments!

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