The Life Hack That Will Change Your Life In 5 Seconds

Folding is the effing worst. I hate folding so much that I hang up t-shirts. I know it’s not complicated, but folding just takes me forever! Well HackCollege just changed my life for finding this “How To Fold A T-Shirt in 5 Seconds” video lurking on the internet.


Now I can stop being ridiculous and fold all of my t-shirts to a T (Gah! The puns!). If only I could do my entire morning routine in 5 seconds…

Did you know about this shirt trick? How do you fold your t-shirts? Tell me in the comments!

Apparently you can spot a cheater in 5 seconds too

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  • Lea

    Lol I have been showing this to my whole family and friends and everyone is shock hahaha MY LIFE IS COMPLETE jk but it really did help

  • Zara

    I’m actually looking forward to folding my clothes now!!

  • Talia

    This …. It works …. My life is made