Date Idea: Workout With Your Guy!

As much as I love watching movies and eating food, I have to admit: the standard date idea of “dinner and a movie” can get boring fast. I mean, yeah, it’s a great staple and it’s fun and all that stuff. But if you really want to go on an awesome date with your guy, you’ve got to shake things up once in a while.

So, here’s a new date idea: working out with your boyfriend (I say boyfriend because I personally could never work out with a crush – but, hey, if you’re into it, go for it!). I just read this story on The Huffington Post about all of the benefits of working out with your boyfriend, and guys, I’m sort of inspired.

There are more benefits to working out with your boyfriend than just getting in shape. Apparently, an intimate little exercise sesh can bring you two even closer together. Aw! Burning calories while bonding with my BF? The only thing that could make that better is sharing some much-deserved ice cream afterwards. Kidding… sort of.

According to marriage and relationship psychotherapist, Dr. Jane Greer, “When a couple works out together, the actual exercise itself can physically and emotionally have a positive impact. Both partners come away with feelings of synchronicity, cooperative spirit and shared passion. Then you throw in some spicy endorphins and it can be a real power trip for the relationship.”

If the thought of getting sweaty and gross in front of your boyfriend is making you cringe, don’t worry: I feel ya. The idea of putting on my gym clothes and doing kickboxing or squats side by side with my boyfriend makes me squirm a little bit. For one thing, when I work out, I get really sweaty and my face gets really red. For another thing, what if I’m doing a terrible job and my BF is like, “What is wrong with her?” I like my exercise time to be a judge-free zone, thank you very much.

Besides bringing you closer together with your guy through shared experiences and all that good stuff, working out also encourages you to do a better job. Think about it: when you’re alone exercising, you’re more likely to slack off without anyone telling you to pick up the pace. When you’ve got a buddy with you, you’re more likely to work your butt off in order to impress them.

The more I think about it, the more I get intrigued. Maybe working out with my boyfriend isn’t such a bad idea after all. I mean, we ski/snowboard together and we have an amazing time doing that, so… that counts, right?

I’m not saying you have to start doing nightly P90X sessions with your boyfriend, but definitely keep this in mind for future date ideas. It’s not even like you two need to join a gym together. Go for a walk on the beach (so romantic), try a little jog around the block or get super exciting and go on a hike or a bike ride. Or leave your getting active date ideas in the comments!

Would you ever work out with your boyfriend? What kind of exercise date would you go on? Have you ever done it before? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Sammy

    My boyfriend and I are both cross country runners, we met working out! Our regular date is going for a run, it’s a great bonding time.