The Best Of The 2013 Grammys In GIFs!

2013 Grammys Adele main

Adele was so much fun to watch during the 2013 Grammys. Please make her present every year! | Source: WENN

The 2013 Grammys were last night (Feb. 10), and there was no shortage of awesome moments. Though a lot of things weren’t too surprising (like Justin Timberlake slaying and Adele winning), that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a blast to watch.

From performances to wins to reactions, everyone from Taylor Swift to Jay-Z, Beyonce and Frank Ocean got animated during the ceremony for the golden gramophones. Did you miss the 2013 Grammys show? Have no fear! Here are our favorite GIFs from Music’s Biggest Night.

Grab your popcorn and settle in!

Okay, Taylor. We get it. You and Harry Styles broke up. Now stop drawing attention that you swear you don’t want to your love life.

2013 Grammys Taylor Swift

Source: Tumblr

Adele remembering that she and Taylor are actually really close in age:

2013 Grammys Adele

Source: Tumblr

If you needed more evidence that douchebag Chris Brown is a douchebag, look no further. Also see the side eye he’s getting from our girl Adele.

2013 Grammys Frank Ocean Chris Brown

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Rihanna, we make the same face every time we remember you guys are back together. You can do better!

2013 Grammys Rihanna

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Frank Ocean, stop blowing our minds.

2013 Grammys Frank Ocean

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What Bruno Mars lacks in height, he makes up for in moves…

2013 Grammys Bruno Mars

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… While poor T-Swizzle displays the exact opposite. Can’t hate on the girl for having fun, though!

2013 Grammys Taylor Swift

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Katy, did you stock up on doublestick tape?

2013 Grammys Katy Perry John Mayer

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“Crap Hov, I lost a contact lens. Help me distract them? Thanks.”

2013 Grammys Justin Timberlake Jay-Z

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2013 Grammys Jay-Z

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What did Beyonce think of Justin Timberlake’s big comeback performance?

2013 Grammys Beyonce

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Poor Fun. thought they were going to a strip club when they heard they were going to make it rain.

2013 Grammys Fun.

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Here’s hoping Carrie Underwood’s limo didn’t turn into a pumpkin.

2013 Grammys Carrie Underwood

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What was your favorite 2013 Grammys moment? Whose performance at the 2013 Grammys was your favorite? Who do you think was best and worst dressed at the 2013 Grammys? Do you think any artist got robbed of an award they deserved at the 2013 Grammys? Tell us in the comments!

It looks like a lot of stars ignored the 2013 Grammys dress code memo!

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  • Lol

    all you guys ever do is be mean and mock taylor. I get it you don’t like her but it’s mean to constantly bring it up for no. Good. Reason.

  • Gorgeous Ty

    I’m sick of hearing about Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship. Who the f*** cares that they are back together. Its their business. And how was Chris Brown being a douche bag????