Your Complete Guide To Dealing With Stress

This is your face on stress. Source: Shutterstock

This is your face on stress. Source: Shutterstock

I’m a chronic stress-er. I have so much anxiety about things so I stress out when something could enhance my anxious tendencies. Stress is a normal part of life, and we have a lot to stress about! From school to socializing to extracurriculars to family and friends, there’s a ton of stuff going on in life.

And none of that stuff stops, which means stress doesn’t stop. Ugh! If you don’t know how to handle stress and calm yourself down, it can actually be really harmful to your health.

Too much stress can cause inability to sleep, high blood pressure, rapid breathing, anxiety and depression and more! There have been several times that I’ve gotten a cold right after a big test because I was so stressed my immune system freaked out.

Fortunately I know how to handle my stress now, and I’m going to pass some of that wisdom along to you.

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