From The Message Boards: Should I Get A Sugar Daddy?

I love reading the boards and seeing how y’all help each other through tough situations. There’s advice for breakups, relationships, sex and even issues with parents. You deal with a lot of stuff! I never thought I’d come across the topic of sugar daddies. But alas, one girl is thinking about it after a breakup, y’all are giving some pretty sound advice.

Let’s see what you guys had to say:

alegnatm said:

Prepare for judgement, and I definitely think people will look down upon you for it. I don’t personally see anything wrong with it, as long as both parties are happy, and no one’s doing anything they don’t want to.

scuzz said:

I am generally very open minded. Hell if it doesn’t bother me or effect anyone else negatively, I don’t really care if someone chooses to be in a relationship like that. But at the same time, personally, I just think it is completely stupid and even wrong. I know it is stereotyped too, but I think there is a lot of truth behind the stereotype as there is with any other stereotype.

Honestly, I don’t understand why any woman would want too lower herself to that. I mean I wouldn’t want to be or to even be seen by others as a self-absorbed, completely artificial, lazy, stupid, oversexualized, woman in a meaningless relationship.

Special_K said:

I don’t really see why you are trying to or seemingly trying to dig deeper into this kind of relationship. There is no deeper. The entire point of this kind of relationship, is to bond over money and favors, but there is no bond.

In my perspective, there is something wrong with someone if they have to pay another being for their company. No matter what that company entails.

Ok, well. I have a few thoughts about this situation. First of all, I personally think it’s really creepy. I have a gay friend with a sugar daddy and the whole thing is just creepy. But he’s happy so there’s that.

But I’m in not place to say it’s wrong because it’s obviously a personal choice. I do think this girl needs to reevaluate her reasoning. She just got out of a relationship, so she’s missing having a person there. A sugar daddy relationship is not a replacement for a real relationship.

Not to mention that while you’re not exactly getting a paycheck, you’re essentially being paid for sexual activities. And that means prostitution, which is illegal. I think there are healthier ways to deal with a breakup than getting involved in a sugar daddy relationship.

What do you think about sugar daddy relationships? Are they wrong? What should this girl do? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Helen Chamberlain

    A sugardaddy relationship can be a replacement for a “real” relationship. I met my SD and we didn’t have sex the first date. He wined me and dined me and after a few dates we got intimate. Juts like a “real” relationship, the difference is that we are more honest about the relationship. He supports me financially and I support him emotionally/physically. I’m not sure if all the sites are the same but I met my current SD on

  • brittany noffsinger

    actually I like them its a different kind of thrill and u don’t always get into can just be a companion or even take it further with sexual but the money is a gift not required to have least not right away or promised..i just wish my last one did get taken

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