Get To Know The Gurl Girls: Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts Ever

Valentine’s Day is in five days, yikes! I’ve never been big on V-Day, but maybe it’s because my track record with the holiday isn’t so great. It just never seems to end up the way we want it to!

We’ve spent a lot of time in our meetings discussing our failed Valentine’s Days. Not like there are a lot or anything…

Anyway, we wanted to share our worst Valentine’s Day gifts with you. They are pretty bad, you guys. Click on our picture to find out what our worst gift was!



Click to see Julie’s worst V-Day gift!



Click to see Jess’s worst V-Day gift!



Click to see Caitlin’s worst V-Day gift!



Click to see Meg’s worst V-Day gift!

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  • Julie Kraut

    Melanie got a new job and doesn’t work here any more. We’re really happy for her, but miss her SO much!

  • Mads

    What happened to Melanie?