Get To Know The Gurl Girls: Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts Ever


My worst gift was… nothing. And I mean that in two ways. Yes, there have been Valentine’s Days where my boyfriend has not bought me anything. To be fair, I didn’t get him anything either. I mean, that probably looks pretty bad, but I guess we just aren’t that into gift-giving.

So considering that, I also mean that nothing has ever been my worst gift because I’ve never really thought of those years of non-presents has all that bad. I have no gift receiving horror stories!

What is your worst Valentine’s Day gift? Have you gotten anything good?Let us know in the comments!

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  • Julie Kraut

    Melanie got a new job and doesn’t work here any more. We’re really happy for her, but miss her SO much!

  • Mads

    What happened to Melanie?