Get To Know The Gurl Girls: Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts Ever


My worst Valentine’s Day gift gets that title because it was really more embarrassing than anything else. A few years ago, my best friends and I were all single at the same time and decided to be each other’s valentines. I know, so cute. Anyway, we all bought each other silly, cute gifts. My one friend got us all these stuffed animal lions with hearts all over them that actually roared. When it roared, the whole thing started vibrating.

I never thought anything of it, except that it was a super cute gift. A few months later, I took the lion with me on a vacation with all of my cousins because I used to sleep with it every night (yes, I still sleep with stuffed animals!). One of my cousins stepped on it by accident and it started vibrating and roaring. Everyone started laughing and I said, “Oh, that’s mine! I sleep with it.”

They all stared at me. My cousin said, “Why do you sleep with a vibrating stuffed animal?” I was all like, “Ew, no, it’s not what you think.” I explained my bestie had bought it for me for V-Day and they all stared at me and asked, “Why would your friend buy you a vibrating lion?” I got made fun of for the rest of the trip… actually, I still get made fun of. The lion, sadly, was ruined for me.

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    Melanie got a new job and doesn’t work here any more. We’re really happy for her, but miss her SO much!

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    What happened to Melanie?