Get To Know The Gurl Girls: Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts Ever


A while ago, I was dating this super sweet guy and on Valentine’s Day he asked if he could borrow the keys to my place for a special gift. I was worried. Even though I liked this guy a lot, he had a lot of bad ideas. (One of them was a taco milkshake…seriously.)

I had visions of coming back and finding a love note spray painted on one of my walls or something. I spent the whole day stressing about what he was doing to my place. It turns out, he spent the day making me chocolate covered strawberries! How sweet, right? We actually broke up soon after that (unrelated to the strawberries).

A few days after our break up, I went to cook something and saw that he barely cleaned the pan he used to melt the chocolate before he put it back in the cabinet. It was covered with chocolate bits and so was every pan that touched it. I had to spend the night cleaning all of my pots and pans instead of making chili! Ugh.

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  • Julie Kraut

    Melanie got a new job and doesn’t work here any more. We’re really happy for her, but miss her SO much!

  • Mads

    What happened to Melanie?