I Think Penises Are Weird

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notintheright said:

I’m in my late teens and a virgin. I am straight, and I plan to have sex at some point in my life. I have a sweet boyfriend who I find very sexy…BUT.

I cannot. Just cannot get over the fact that I think penises are weird. Not exactly “gross.” I’m not 10 years old, but I just get immediately turned off by seeing them (like a picture or something- like I said I’m a virgin).

A week or so ago I was kissing and cuddling with my boyfriend, and when he got up to get a drink I noticed he kinda had, a, ah hard one. I became almost nauseous and completely turned-off…
This is weird as hell, and I’m confused as hell. Help!

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  • Anonymous

    That is totally fine. You shouldn’t feel the need to like penises or sex or whatever. You shouldn’t feel the need to have sex either, especially if you’re a teenager.

  • pinkheart

    When I see a penis I think of sex so I will usually get turned on unless its just an ugly penis or on an ugly guy. I am not saying your bf is ugly and you may just be different. Just like our boobs some penises are just better looking than others, and not all big penises are sexy looking, I think it has to do with how much hair there is, how it hangs and how the guys body looks. Maybe that is shallow but its just another body part so since we dont have one some of us may be turned off by them and some of us turned on by them.

    Tumblr is loaded with penises, but if they repulse you just dont look, or look until they dont make you sick anymore because getting turned on by sexual things and penises is a good thing.

  • Julie Kraut

    Thanks for letting us know. Fixed!

  • Allison

    The link doesn’t work… -_-