What Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Says About You

I don’t think there’s anything I get more excited about than Girl Scout cookie season. Maybe Christmas, but I can’t eat Christmas. Today is National Girl Scout Cookie Day, which is a very important holiday.

Girl Scout cookies teach us so much. Like how to eat an entire sleeve of Samoas and blame it on your brother. How to hide a box of Thin Mints in your room without anyone noticing. Basically really important life lessons.

In honor of National Girl Scout Cookie Day, we’ve got a little personality test for you to try.

Click through to find your favorite cookie and what it says about you!

What Girl Scout cookie are you? Does it fit your personality? Tell me in the comments!

If we were Girl Scouts today, we’d want these badges

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  1. avatar mimi says:

    Samoas definitely described me! I love this list. It applied to my friends as well. :)

  2. avatar 4evrmileyfan13 says:

    :-) I got the Savannah smiles :-)

  3. avatar Victoria says:

    My fav is Lemonades yet I am NOT sporty at all.

  4. avatar lissa says:

    the creepy thing is that the cookie is chose actually explains me!

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  6. avatar Sarah says:

    For any girl out, this video helped me build self-esteem, you should watch it.


  7. avatar Becca says:

    Those aren’t the cookies I sell!
    I sell: Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties, Caramel Delites, Mango Cremes, Thanks A Lots, Shortbreads, and Peanut Butter Sandwiches

  8. avatar emma says:

    i think some of these arent even sold anymore…or have different names lol
    i know the samoas are now caramel delites

  9. avatar Deanna says:

    Where are the Thanks A Lots?

  10. avatar Jules says:

    Trefoils :)

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