Is This Lulu App That Rates Men Awesome Or Lame?

You know how you read reviews about movies before you see them? You know, other people watch the movie first, write down their thoughts and then you decide whether or not you’re into it based on what they think. Well, what if you could read that same kind of review about a guy before you went out on a date with him? If that idea sounds intriguing (and admit it, it does), then keep reading, because there’s a new app out there that allows you to do exactly that.

Lulu is an app created just for girls to rate and write reviews about their guy friends or, mainly, guys they’ve dated or hooked up with in the past. It creates profiles of guys you know by using info from Facebook and the reviews can also be totally private and anonymous. I read about it on College Candy and immediately wanted to know more. Also, I didn’t know if I thought this was an amazing invention or just a lame app that’s unfair to guys everywhere. I still don’t know how I feel. Sigh.

According to their website, “Lulu is all about encouraging good, gentlemanly behaviour, and providing a platform that makes girls’ research easier and more fun. Ultimately, we see Lulu as a private network dedicated to women and relationships, providing an online extension and enhancement of the kind of information and support that women provide each other in real life.”

The first thing that came to my mind when I read about this was that it’s the perfect place for an angry, heart-broken ex-girlfriend to go to vent about her ex – and to try to prevent any other girls from dating him. At first, I pictured Lulu as an Internet version of the infamous Mean Girls burn book. I was all like, “This is SO unfair. Imagine if guys were rating girls?! Everyone would flip out! How is this even popular?”

But according to the creators of Lulu, that kind of catty behavior isn’t encouraged: “To be clear, Lulu isn’t a place to trash-talk: Lulu’s review system makes it impossible for a vindictive ex to reveal the size of a guy’s itty bitty friend or claim he gave the Herp to 1,000 women.”

Then I thought about it some more and the other Gurl writers made some interesting points. Imagine if you could find out a dude was a total scumbag before you started talking to him and falling for him. Wouldn’t that save you a whole lot of heartbreak? Yeah… maybe. And I have to admit, it would definitely be interesting to read what other girls think about a guy I’m crushing on. Isn’t this the kind of stuff we talk about with our girlfriends anyway? The only difference here is that you now the option to get even more opinions.

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But at the same time, while I admit to being very intrigued by this, I can’t get fully on board. What if you get so turned off by the reviews of a guy that you never give him a chance? Who knows, you and that guy actually could have hit it off if you didn’t let those other opinions affect you. Everyone gets along with each other differently – a guy may be weird to one girl, but he may seem awesome to you. What I’m trying to say is that it could make you miss out on potentially cool dudes.

In the end, I’d have to say that the app seems harmless – if you don’t take it super seriously. Go on there, rate some dudes, check out what other girls are saying about your crush or your boyfriend. Have fun, make a girls night out of it, add some chips and guacamole. But I wouldn’t use it as a full-on guide.

By that I mean, make your own decision that’s not based completely on what others have to say. It’s totally fine to use this as something casual and fun, but keep in mind that reading a review about someone and actually taking the time to get to know someone are two different things. You wouldn’t appreciate it if a guy had an opinion on you that was based on what other people said, so… just think about that.

Would you ever use this app? Do you think it would be helpful to use while dating? Would you like to rate your exes? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Brooke Griggs, Life Time Fitness

    This is a great app for gossiping about guys and all the stupid things they do and all the stupid things they want in bed. I think every single man deserves this! Way to go ladies! Rate their size, their stupidity and everything LOLOLOLLOL

  • Jamillah Shakir

    I love this idea! I think its important to know what type of person you are potentially dealing with and some men hide it well, especially in the beginning. The important point to remember is that every person is an individual, and should be treated as such when considering their companionship.

    • Anand

      Would you like it if i put yur pic up online and hash tag you #losergirl .. Its not bad when males are being targetted and reviewd like groceries. I think you should just die and single and all men should be safe from you.

      PS: all the comments below inspire me.. 😀 atleast some women around with sense..

  • J

    It’s kind of a screener for men too; I’d never date a girl that used LuLu.

    • Chris

      You got that right bro doesn’t any of the girls realize no one will touch them?

  • Paula

    I am a mother of a grown daughter and a son. I would hope that my daughter would never stoop to depending on what other woman say about someone to determine if a man is worth getting to know. I also fear for my son that his character can be assassinated by an angry woman. Horrible.

  • tempest

    Cool, feminist pros went where projected.
    Superiority. Men try something like this and we are labeled sexist or worse, misogynist.
    Fuck your double standards. Equality or NOTHING.

    • Paula

      I’m 48, my daughter is 23. We are both working woman and feel that it is disgusting. You are right. If this was a site for men to rate woman it would be perceived totally different.

  • Cathy

    Their explanations of why the app isn’t evil are ridiculous, there are even tags in there that not so subtly hint at the size of your exes junk. It collects their pictures from facebook without their permission. This is NOT OK just because they are men, and anyone who thinks that is horrible.

  • DS

    Besides the double standard, this is a privacy issue. A very serious privacy issue.

    1) The info that people share on Facebook is shared based on an assumption of relative safety. That safety is based on sharing with a limited group you’ve CHOSEN to share with. Those people don’t have the right to share your private info, photos etc. in public without your consent.

    2) Worse, you aren’t even notified that your info has been shared. You could be slandered in public and never know it. And never be able to do anything to stop it.

    3) It doesn’t matter if the founders have good intentions or not. It doesn’t matter if this is a good-hearted, nice or fun service.

    Imagine a website called LuluShame. Someone wants to bully you or defame you. They share a photo of you passed out in college. They label it “Alcoholic”. Interviewers comb the website as part of a standard background check. They never call you back, and you don’t know why.

    They share a picture of you hugging your niece. They label it “Pedophile”. Your neighbors won’t even speak to you, and you don’t know why.

    School bullies share a picture of you in your first bikini. They label it “Slut”. Everyone giggles and makes sexual gestures at you in school, and you don’t know why.

    4) Once people feel unsafe sharing on Facebook, there’s no more Facebook. Facebook needs to put a stop to this – STAT.

  • bakerychaz

    This app, to me, is horrifying. Absolutely horrifying. It’s just as bad as any equivalent of this app which rates females. Men should be equal with women too; I’ve seen many feminists bashing men and saying they’re awful people, but the fact is, most men aren’t awful. What if men said that to women? They would be considered sexist. Well, they would be sexist. But why aren’t the women that say men are awful people sexist? It’s a double standard. A double standard which some feminists don’t notice. We should all be equal and there should be no discrimination. I get sick of all this. What has the world become?

    (By the way, I’m a woman, but I’m not really a feminist)

    • Renni

      By feminist…. you mean that you dont think women should be equal to men? Because that is the definition. If you think women should be subservient then for shame but if not be careful with nomenclature.

      • bakerychaz

        By feminist, I mean radical feminist. I think everyone should be equal, that’s why I think this app is unfair. Sorry for any confusion.

  • Rose

    I’m disappointed in you gurl…you constant promote feminism and that it’s not to hate on men just to support equality yet you support an app like this? You should be ashamed because if a female version was going viral like this you would put it on blast because you are a “feminist” if feminism meas what you all claim then you are not “feminists” because you constantly bash men and now you support this crap too? REAL EQUAL!

    • Jessica Booth

      Just to address your concerns – I actually never said I fully supported this app. I said that it’s harmless if you’re using it for fun and if you’re not taking it seriously or bashing guys. While I expressed a lot of concern about the app being used for the sole purpose of making guys look bad, I don’t believe the app does that – it’s about rating guys good OR bad, not just bad. Also, I did point out that this would be unfair if it were about females, and wondered why it’s okay since it’s about men.

      • kemai

        That’s really sad that You just said that you are a hypocrite basically. If your using a double standard then you yourself are being sexist and that is absolutely abhorrent and against everything that gurl stands fro

      • James J.

        Let me quote you here, you said “it’s harmless,” an app that judges an entire gender without their consent. Let me reiterate, you just used the exact same argument that most men used when they objectified women. It’s “harmless” since all the men are doing is talking about her bra size since they aren’t doing anything about it. You wouldn’t believe that for a second and would call the men sexist pricks, yet you’re going off about how an app that judges men, sometimes with hastags that are severely iffy such as “#HeRapedMe for random spiteful people to randomly put online without the defendant being able to defend themselves is wrong. It does not matter, male or female, which gender is being targeted. This app is wrong, and you should be ashamed for being hypocritical.

  • Tony Phelps |

    Lulu is essentially a virtual response to the old bathroom wall. Everything from how often he pays for dinner to how wild he is in bed. Not to mention a bunch of personal information from Facebook a lot of guys may not want shared. And since they don’t know its been downloaded, this data is going to stay in Lulu’s database until Lulu merges, goes bankrupt, or gets sued. Lulu promotes anonymity. But in their terms and conditions, they require you to get the permission from every person you rate. In other words, they are advertising one thing, then trying to cover their asses with making you legally responsible if the guy you upload decides he doesn’t like his personal data distributed around.

  • Matt

    In my humble opinion, this app is analogous to the once-popular and oft-cruel formspring from a few years past- excepting the fact, of course, that it completely bars men from any productive sort of participation. Yes, there is a “lulu dude” app. No, men cannot read what has been said about them through that app. This app is inherently sexist and unfair. I hope you never decide to use it and will only lose faith in humanity if its proliferation continues unimpeded. I dare you, brave madams, to be the strong, resistant souls that let not the alluring vices of society corrupt you. Thank you for your time.

    I’d also like to note that men have no such application or system of ranking and rating women, at least not of which I am aware or use.

  • Lolly

    The first thing I saw when I went to the Lulu site:

    ‘You are always anonymous on Lulu. Your privacy is our top priority! That’s why we never post to Facebook.’

    And these guys, who have not asked to be cataloged or rated…