My First Pregnancy Scare Was One Of My Most Embarrassing Moments Ever

Pregnancy scares are bad enough on their own – if you’ve ever experienced that overwhelming sense of panic that only comes from the possibility of something happening that you feel like you have no control over, you know what I’m talking about. Well, my first pregnancy scare was even worse than normal because I also managed to make it one of the most awkward and embarrassing moments of my life.

Allow me to share the cringe-worthy details.

When I was 16-years-old, I was dating this dude we’ll call D. D and I were basically obsessed with each other and spent most of our time together making out in my basement while my little brother and sister spied on us. When it came to hooking up, we had done everything but have sex… we were both still virgins and I was planning to stay that way for a little while longer. You would think that since we weren’t having sex, I wouldn’t have to worry about getting pregnant. You would be wrong.

See, I am a huge worrywart and a very panicky person. It’s a fun combination (JK). One month, my period was late. When I say late, I mean it was two days behind schedule. Despite the fact that my period had never been very consistent in the years since I’d started getting it, I went into full on freak-out mode. The week before, D and I been fooling around practically naked and, you know, stuff happened. I was convinced that I had somehow managed to get myself pregnant without actually having sex.

The third morning when my period didn’t appear, I panicked. I tried to calm myself down, but in my head I was like, “OMG I’m pregnant. Somehow, his sperm traveled into my vagina and fertilized an egg.” I had no idea how it could have happened, but in my freaked out state it seemed possible.

A quick Google search of “can I get pregnant without having sex” and “how long does sperm live once it hits the air” revealed that there actually is an incredibly low chance of getting pregnant without doing the deed. A very common belief is that sperm dies the second it hits the air, but that’s actually not true. As MayoClinic explains, “sperm ejaculated outside the body might survive in semen — the fluid released during ejaculation — up to a few hours.”

Of course, I immediately convinced myself that I could be pregnant. Never mind the fact that I had been wearing underwear at the time or that we had obviously cleaned things up pretty quickly or that there wasn’t even sperm near the place it needed to be. All rational thoughts flew out the window. In my mind, I was already pregnant. I was like the Virgin Mary, but modern and not holy, and I was going to have to explain to my child one day that I was still a virgin. Why would I have to explain this? Ask 16-year-old Jessica, because I don’t know.

Obviously, I faked sick, stayed home the entire day and cried. When my mom came home from work, she nagged me for hours about why I was upset. Finally, the stress of my unplanned pregnancy and the idea of disappointing everyone I’ve ever known and being a pregnant virgin got to me. I told her what was going on.

When I said I was late, she put her head in her hands. “You’re having sex?” she asked, sounding miserable.

“OMG Mom, no!” was my response. I mean, obviously.

She picked her head up and stared at me. “Then what are you talking about, Jessica?” she asked. The idea of telling my mom that my boyfriend and I had made out almost naked was horrifying. I shrugged and stopped answering questions. Finally she hissed, “Did his penis go inside of you?”

My mom asking me that was too much to handle. I screamed no and ran into the bathroom crying. My mom probably thought I was insane but she’s also a panicky person, so she went out and bought me a pregnancy test. As we waited for the test results, my mom told me she was going to have D arrested (she didn’t like him very much) and I told her that wasn’t possible and also that we were in love, so to leave him alone.

The test results were negative – obviously. I wasn’t pregnant. I was thrilled… my mom, not so much. The next day she made an appointment with a gynecologist to get me on birth control pills (she didn’t believe I was still a virgin, which was pretty infuriating). We never talked about it again, but all in all, it was the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done to myself in front of my mom. PS: I got my period the next morning.

Have you ever had a pregnancy scare? Would you ever tell your mom about it if you did? Have you ever been worried about getting pregnant even if you haven’t had sex? Tell me in the comments.


Here’s what to do if you think you’re pregnant

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  • lucy

    hello im 15 yrs old i never been sex to anyone i have a bf and my tummy is getting big i still dont hae my men in a month now

    • NightJinx

      Sex is required to get pregnant, your problem may just be that you are putting on weight due to an irregular period or just going through puberty.

  • Emma

    I’m 14. I just had a guy come over and he grinded on me. No condom no birth
    Control. I was totally naked and his dick was out. He put it on my vagina. He came on my stomach and I wiped it off and then touched my clit. I took a very hot bath and used germ-x. We didn’t have sex and he didn’t put it inside me. He fingered me and he said that he came a little before I gave him a blow Job so he said I prolly got it all off but im scared there’s a chance I’m pregnant. Help!

    • disqus_okQ5zZc0e8

      I’m pretty much in the same situation. It’s was 3 days before my period was suppose to happen and we were just fooling around naked and some of his cum got on my thigh and I didn’t think it was a big deal. Now I’m 3 days late and I’m freaking out, it’s all I can think about. Maybe it’s stress that’s delaying my period, well I hope it is because I’m 16 and I have no idea what to do if I’m pregnant.

    • Naomi

      Well same thing with me I went to a guys house and we grinded on each other but I don’t know weather he cummed or not but I only came off my period a day before me and him grinding on each other and it’s 6 days later and my stomach is still bloated could I be pregnant ?

    • Jordyn

      Same, Okay so me and my boyfriend were messing around and we didn’t really have sex it’s basically like he put his dick on my vagina but I made him cum like 15 minutes before he did that and he wiped it off then he just put his dick on me is was probably 20 seconds but I’m so scared because I keep cramping up and I’m having weird discharges and I’m scared! I’m only 14, I said to my mom that I was feeling nauseous and I had almost puked this morning and also I have a pounding headache and she asked if I have has sex but I just told her no because I haven’t! I don’t know what to do. I have no money and no one to take me to get a test or anything. I did an at home test and I passed it or whatever but I’m still really scared. and my period only usually comes at the beginning of the month or the end of it and I just got over it like 2 weeks ago. I don’t know what to do. somebody help.

      • Danie

        That’s still having sex.

      • Christen

        Did you ever actually get pregnant from this cause I’m kinda in the same situation!!???!

  • Emma

    I’m 14, and I have had slight bleeding only one week apart. The slight bleeding has happened before but, never twice within weeks. The first time was very minimal and the second time there was more but still small. I am sort of tired and emotional. I also have this nearly constant cramp in my left side. My stomach also feels weird, it feels almost empty or something. I have never had sex or even come close. Is this just my period?
    I have no idea why I am so scared, I just am, so can someone please help, thanks.

    • Malorie

      me too i have been having the same problem and im scared im pregnant even though ive never had sex 🙁 im 14 too

      • Jess

        me too, Ive never had a boyfriend or done anything with anyone but My period is about a week late please help

  • katlen

    Yes, I have been worried about that before. I mean I don’t live with my Ma now so I can’t talk to her about it. So I just talk to my best beat friend about this.

  • peach_09

    Wow ! That’s crazy , but yes I have had a pregnancy scare before and I actually had sex. It was horrible . I didn’t know what to do , how to tell my family and see the disappointment in their eyes . I freaked out so bad , but I took a pregnancy test and it was negative (Thank God !) The thought of me having a child isn’t so much scary as me telling my family I am . What if I get pregnant or have gotten pregnant ? Any advice on how to tell my family ?

  • tay

    Hey, so I’ve never had sex and I’m still a virgin. My period ended a few weeks ago, a day before i went to this party. At the party i got a little drunk and am worried i might not have remembered if i had sex or not. Anyways a few days ago i noticed that i was urinating very frequently and have been having clear vaginal discharge so i googled it and it came up with urinary tract infection or pregnancy. As i read through the pregnancy symptoms i realised my belly was bloated and larger than normal but i had lost 2kilograms. My belly is now very uncomfortable and feels very heavy. I don’t know if I’m just paranoid because every time i look down i swear my belly is getting bigger. So naturally i sat down in my bathroom and bawled my eyes out. Also in the mornings i sneeze frequently, i don’t know if this is morning sickness or not? And now im so scared im not a virgin and at the party i had sex without remembering it the next morning. Please help

    • peach_09

      Did you ever go to the doctor to find out yet ?

  • Julia

    So my period is late by like a week and I’m getting really scared. I’m 14 and have never done anything with a guy, nor do I have a boyfriend.
    After reading some stuff online I’m realizing that I’m probably just stressed and tired (I did have the cold the other day and I read somewhere that being sick can make you late.) But still wondering if It could be some weird one in a million thing? Have had some pregnancy like symptoms. So what I’m wondering, is there any chance in the world that I could be pregnant?
    (Please say no I will get kicked out of my school if I am and my family would hate me)

    • NightJinx

      You can’t be pregnant without having sex.

  • Ashley

    My boyfriend and I are both virgins, but we still mess around with eachother. He’s fingered me and all that stuff, but one night he came on my panties. I didnt think anything of it, cause at the time i thought i couldn’t get pregnant unless it went inside me. But that was a couple weeks ago, and now my tummy is sore and im bloated. My mom made a comment and said, “That looks like a baby bump. Are you pregant??” ….Ugh. Me and my boyfriend have discussed this today and hes going to buy me a pregnancy test tomorrow. We’re both paranoid and scared shitless that I might be pregant. Its uncomfortable to walk sometimes cause it feels like something is moving in my stomach. Its the strangest feeling. I hope im not, but if i am, i have no idea how it could happen. Im still a virgin!!


    i have the same situation as u have pls can i take birth controll pills

  • preg scare

    Hey, I am an epic virgin, 18, don’t even have a boyfriend but my body just teases w/ me.. My period is late, I crave for food, I bled a really little dot on panty which is a sign of the placement of fetus, I have morning nausea and very unstable mode, mostly stressed out, I’m bloated too and urine a lot..bonus: my libido is really increased. Human body is weird..

    • Robin

      Im 13. Same situation it’s driving me crazy wish some one would buy me a pregnancy test. I’m a virgin to but I have a boyfriend and never see him we only kiss. I have all the symptoms. Ugh

      • NightJinx

        Honey, the only way to get pregnant is through actual intercourse, unless you’re Mother Mary and going through the whole immaculate birth thing…which I kinda doubt you are. However, puberty might be the culprit in your case.

  • sarah

    I have done some things to with a guy but not sex … I have been worrying about it to cz my tummy sore & so bloated & been vomiting & my breast have been so sore .. Could I be pregnate

  • Mikayla Alsides

    I think I’m having one right now too. I have never had sexually activity before or even had any sort of intamate contact with a boy so i am a virgin but I am scared because my period is a week and a half behind scedual and it is normaly on around the 10th of every month. I have some of the symptoms and I even had a dream that I was pregnant last night. I’m only 15 and kinda scared.

    • taylor

      I’m just saying if you have never had any intimate contact with a boy then there is no way that you can be pregnant…. also your 15 just like i am our periods are so irregular at this time and stage of our lives

      • Neriah De Los Reyes

        I haven’t had my period since February and it’s now May…. What does that mean??

        • Iggy Morrison

          Are you in a high active sport? Some times sports will stop periods. No period dose not = preg. but i would still go see a doctor, because it could be nothing or something bad. but im sure your fine 🙂

  • Belivia

    i m 20yr gal. Weight 67kg.. I didnt sex.. But since 3months i m not having my monthly periods.. Last 3day ago i went to a senior gynologist and he prescibe me to take Deviry 10mg twice a day for 5days.i took and today is my 4th day,but still i didnt got any initial of periods. I m really scare. Am i pregnant? Help me

  • tina

    Hey omg so I’m almost going off to college (5 days) and I’m tripping out (I’m 18) because my period is behind (2 days) and I was fooling around with my guy friend (we’ve been dating for like a month) and I swear we didn’t have sex just made out while I was on top of him and things got really really hot ha but wewere bboth wearing clothes I don’t know if he cummed inside his pants but now I’m freaking out..even though we were both wearing clothes I feel like I’m pregers and I’m scared cause I didn’t have sex! Ahh hopefully I get my period soon! I’m so terrified :'( your story helped tho thank you!

    • jj

      Hey I’m 17 yrs old and me n my bf were mucking around and he cummed on my undies. He was on top of me fingering me and grinding on me. I was really wet because I was ovulating and I’m just wondering if anyone has got pregnant because of this or if you know anything! P.s my period is 3 days late.did you end up being pregnant? Please reply! Xox

  • abbi

    So, I hooked up with someone and we were totally naked. I was on my period when we hooked up so he didn’t go down there. I am extremely paranoid though. I am afraid he cummed early near my vagina and the sperm traveled in there. When he actually jizzed I had bathing suit bottoms on but what if they traveled through my bathing suit? Like I don’t know. I never even thought about it. I can’t remember what happened because it happened like 6 weeks ago. Am I overreacting? Should I wait it out and see what happens? Take a pregnancy test? Like I don’t really know what to do please help.

    • Danielle

      I know this was posted a while ago but I’m kind of in the same situation and I was just wondering how it all worked out for you?

    • Danielle

      I know this was posted a while ago but I’m kind of in the same situation and I was just wondering how everything worked out for you?

  • alex

    Hi I’m having one right now. I am a virgin and I haven’t had any close contact for about 7 months but my period is a few days late…I’m not the most regular person but I am a worryer. I’ve been feeling very sick in the morning but its just trapped wind right? I’m trying not to stress but its super hard. The only person who knows is my friend.

  • Rosie collins

    Hi I’m Rosie, I’m having a pregnancy scare at the moment but this silly thing thing I haven’t even had sex. I think my body had just convinced me that I’m pregnant. I’m getting all symptoms and I’m very scared. The symptoms involve, bloating and cramping, irregular urin, mostly poo, leg cramps, breast discharge, late period ect. I just got my first period two months ago, it hasn’t came back since I’m very scared, but I’m thinking maybe these symptoms are because of my period that might be coming very soon. All those symptoms started last week. What should I do?

    • Mikayla Alsides

      If that was your first period then you are probubly just having irregular periods. I remember the first period was when I was 11 but I didn’t have my next one until I was 12 and then my next one was when I was 13. After I turned 13 they stayed pretty regular though so I don’t think you should worry to much.

  • stelin

    Hey..guyZ cN U plZ Tl mE withOut gUy Cn we become pregnant..?

  • Summer

    Hi…i m worried tat i might be pregnant bcos…i spent a night wit my bf and we slept on the same bed . We jux make out and did not hv any sexual intercourse . Can sleeping togather make u pregnant? We had our pant on actually

    • Rosie collins

      No sweety, sexual intercourse is the only way of making a baby. X

  • judy

    Well right now I am having a pregnancy scare n my boyfriend were instenceivly making out (im still a virgin today) but we started to dry hump I had my shorts n panties on still while he had he penis all theway out he said he didnt cum or pre cum at all but im still scared. All I want to do is cry ive on birth control since august of 2013 so idk what to do . People say there is no way I pregnant but im scared I am ..:'(.im only 17.