My First Pregnancy Scare Was One Of My Most Embarrassing Moments Ever

Pregnancy scares are bad enough on their own – if you’ve ever experienced that overwhelming sense of panic that only comes from the possibility of something happening that you feel like you have no control over, you know what I’m talking about. Well, my first pregnancy scare was even worse than normal because I also managed to make it one of the most awkward and embarrassing moments of my life.

Allow me to share the cringe-worthy details.

When I was 16-years-old, I was dating this dude we’ll call D. D and I were basically obsessed with each other and spent most of our time together making out in my basement while my little brother and sister spied on us. When it came to hooking up, we had done everything but have sex… we were both still virgins and I was planning to stay that way for a little while longer. You would think that since we weren’t having sex, I wouldn’t have to worry about getting pregnant. You would be wrong.

See, I am a huge worrywart and a very panicky person. It’s a fun combination (JK). One month, my period was late. When I say late, I mean it was two days behind schedule. Despite the fact that my period had never been very consistent in the years since I’d started getting it, I went into full on freak-out mode. The week before, D and I been fooling around practically naked and, you know, stuff happened. I was convinced that I had somehow managed to get myself pregnant without actually having sex.

The third morning when my period didn’t appear, I panicked. I tried to calm myself down, but in my head I was like, “OMG I’m pregnant. Somehow, his sperm traveled into my vagina and fertilized an egg.” I had no idea how it could have happened, but in my freaked out state it seemed possible.

A quick Google search of “can I get pregnant without having sex” and “how long does sperm live once it hits the air” revealed that there actually is an incredibly low chance of getting pregnant without doing the deed. A very common belief is that sperm dies the second it hits the air, but that’s actually not true. As MayoClinic explains, “sperm ejaculated outside the body might survive in semen — the fluid released during ejaculation — up to a few hours.”

Of course, I immediately convinced myself that I could be pregnant. Never mind the fact that I had been wearing underwear at the time or that we had obviously cleaned things up pretty quickly or that there wasn’t even sperm near the place it needed to be. All rational thoughts flew out the window. In my mind, I was already pregnant. I was like the Virgin Mary, but modern and not holy, and I was going to have to explain to my child one day that I was still a virgin. Why would I have to explain this? Ask 16-year-old Jessica, because I don’t know.

Obviously, I faked sick, stayed home the entire day and cried. When my mom came home from work, she nagged me for hours about why I was upset. Finally, the stress of my unplanned pregnancy and the idea of disappointing everyone I’ve ever known and being a pregnant virgin got to me. I told her what was going on.

When I said I was late, she put her head in her hands. “You’re having sex?” she asked, sounding miserable.

“OMG Mom, no!” was my response. I mean, obviously.

She picked her head up and stared at me. “Then what are you talking about, Jessica?” she asked. The idea of telling my mom that my boyfriend and I had made out almost naked was horrifying. I shrugged and stopped answering questions. Finally she hissed, “Did his penis go inside of you?”

My mom asking me that was too much to handle. I screamed no and ran into the bathroom crying. My mom probably thought I was insane but she’s also a panicky person, so she went out and bought me a pregnancy test. As we waited for the test results, my mom told me she was going to have D arrested (she didn’t like him very much) and I told her that wasn’t possible and also that we were in love, so to leave him alone.

The test results were negative – obviously. I wasn’t pregnant. I was thrilled… my mom, not so much. The next day she made an appointment with a gynecologist to get me on birth control pills (she didn’t believe I was still a virgin, which was pretty infuriating). We never talked about it again, but all in all, it was the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done to myself in front of my mom. PS: I got my period the next morning.

Have you ever had a pregnancy scare? Would you ever tell your mom about it if you did? Have you ever been worried about getting pregnant even if you haven’t had sex? Tell me in the comments.


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  • cynthia@16

    i’m scared

  • spongebobknows

    i was a little girl but knew alot for her age- i had much older sisters. One time i accidently got kissed by a girl at a b-day party when over a moth my stomach grew big and i was being very moody, i thought i was the second virgin mary because i had never had sex. i had a really old lady buy me a pregnecy test and i spent the night at her” i know her as a close family friend” but then it was negative!!!!!

  • Bella

    im also a virgin and i would like it to stay this way till i get married, on the 14th of this month it was my boyfriend’s birthday and we were chilling together @ his house. after talking and laughing we started kissing and unclothing till we were both in underwears, he ejaculated and we stopped……i cant stop freaking out and im anxiously wating for my period which should be on the 30th. i did the sane thng you did of googling thats how i got to your story but waht i read doesnt make things better im WORRIED SICK

    • Sarah

      Exactly the same thing happened with me and my boyfriend and now I’m a week late and I am so scared…

  • Emily

    The exact same thing is happening to me right now. I’ve been scrambling on the Internet for the longest two weeks of my life. My period is never regular and my boyfriend and I were messing around too, but we’ve never had sex and don’t plan on it until marriage (we are both Christians). I had underwear on but he ejaculated and got on my underwear but didn’t seep through or anything and we quickly cleaned it up. I’m five days late on my period, but like I said, I’m a runner and an anxious person, so it’s a guessing game every month. Just praying it comes by quick, but seeing this article makes me so much more relaxed. I’ve been wondering whether to get a pregnancy test but I know that is probably useless and would only freak me out more. Thank you for posting this because it definitely makes me feel ten times better!!

  • Lunar

    My period is a more than a week late now and I have pregnancy symptoms but I never had sex nor do I have a boyfriend .. Also like you I’m a very panicky person! So I thought I was pregnant but pregnancy is just one out of the hundred reasons why my period was late.. Lol

  • Lu

    today is the 29th day and i dont got my period yet. a few days ago i was feeling myself sick,nauseated and a quite depressed. I know I can’t get worried about being pregnant cause I’m still virgin but this is a personal paranoia that girls at my age has. and now i’m seeing that i ain’t the only one

  • brittany

    im having the same scare right now im two days behind An ive never had sex and i dont have a boyfriend at all but im sill scared idk if its stress or not

  • first timer

    when I got my first period I had my first pregnancy scar, I was scared to dry myself with the towels we had after the shower because I thought I would get pregnant if I used a towel cuz I thought it still had some of my dads sperm…. I didmt really understand how to the whole getting pregnant thing worked so I would freak out alot

  • imuglyuknowit11

    I feel so sorry for you! It is kinda funny, but it would be so mortifying and embarrassing that thought quickly vanished from my head.

  • Julie

    That’s what’s wrong with abstinence only education. Young girls think that if they are doing anything mildly sexual, they must be pregnant. Swallowing can’t get you pregnant. Digestive and reproductive systems are in no way connected. Sorry that you had a scare, but I’m that age, took no sex ed classes and know a lot. Enough to know that the only thing that can get you pregnant is penetration (or artificial insemination).

  • KidD

    Ya it was so crazy long story short cant c him again as far as she knows im not, he puts not 1 but 2 on, and I cant party any more

  • Callie

    Lol. I had a pregnancy scare from having oral sex….. with another girl! I knew I couldn’t get pregnant but I was a week late so I was freaking out. I told my oldest brother and he knew I wasn’t but he decided to freak me out even more by buying me a rigged pregnancy test…… I cried for hours and then he told he it was fake. To this day, I tell my siblings NOTHING.

  • shawnee

    haha this actually happened to me my period was late and i was having “pregnancy symptoms” turns out they were just pms symptoms :p

  • Nicole

    i’ve had a pregnancy scare once, but i was actually having sex…. lol.

  • KryptoniteAngel

    LOL I did almost the EXACT same thing. I was a virgin too but the i didn’t have my panties on and I gave the guy a handjob and he ejaculated on the inside of my leg “not on purpose” he wiped it off with a towel but I was freaking out. I missed my period by two weeks and I am always very regular. I took a pregnancy test and It came out negative, a day later I got my period. My mom said it was probably the stress that made it so late.

  • nancy612

    if i would have a pregnacy scare, i would wait if i was a bit late because im irregular but if it eas too much of waiting i would make one of my friends to buy me a pregnacy test so my mom wouldnt suspect , i dont think i would tell my mom but in a way i think i would like to because that way your mom knowing that you might have sex you would be much more confident and wouldnt feel like your doing something bad . 🙂

  • ViolaOrsino

    I know it was a long time ago but I think u should have told her that u were making out,that’s it. even if u were half naked nothing happened.

  • L

    Didn’t you ever go to health class?

  • S

    Wow. That’s pretty stupid.

  • kayla

    I know how it is, but you can’t really change your mother’s mind cause once they get that in their head they won’t listen to you at all.