My First Pregnancy Scare Was One Of My Most Embarrassing Moments Ever

Pregnancy scares are bad enough on their own – if you’ve ever experienced that overwhelming sense of panic that only comes from the possibility of something happening that you feel like you have no control over, you know what I’m talking about. Well, my first pregnancy scare was even worse than normal because I also managed to make it one of the most awkward and embarrassing moments of my life.

Allow me to share the cringe-worthy details.

When I was 16-years-old, I was dating this dude we’ll call D. D and I were basically obsessed with each other and spent most of our time together making out in my basement while my little brother and sister spied on us. When it came to hooking up, we had done everything but have sex… we were both still virgins and I was planning to stay that way for a little while longer. You would think that since we weren’t having sex, I wouldn’t have to worry about getting pregnant. You would be wrong.

See, I am a huge worrywart and a very panicky person. It’s a fun combination (JK). One month, my period was late. When I say late, I mean it was two days behind schedule. Despite the fact that my period had never been very consistent in the years since I’d started getting it, I went into full on freak-out mode. The week before, D and I been fooling around practically naked and, you know, stuff happened. I was convinced that I had somehow managed to get myself pregnant without actually having sex.

The third morning when my period didn’t appear, I panicked. I tried to calm myself down, but in my head I was like, “OMG I’m pregnant. Somehow, his sperm traveled into my vagina and fertilized an egg.” I had no idea how it could have happened, but in my freaked out state it seemed possible.

A quick Google search of “can I get pregnant without having sex” and “how long does sperm live once it hits the air” revealed that there actually is an incredibly low chance of getting pregnant without doing the deed. A very common belief is that sperm dies the second it hits the air, but that’s actually not true. As MayoClinic explains, “sperm ejaculated outside the body might survive in semen — the fluid released during ejaculation — up to a few hours.”

Of course, I immediately convinced myself that I could be pregnant. Never mind the fact that I had been wearing underwear at the time or that we had obviously cleaned things up pretty quickly or that there wasn’t even sperm near the place it needed to be. All rational thoughts flew out the window. In my mind, I was already pregnant. I was like the Virgin Mary, but modern and not holy, and I was going to have to explain to my child one day that I was still a virgin. Why would I have to explain this? Ask 16-year-old Jessica, because I don’t know.

Obviously, I faked sick, stayed home the entire day and cried. When my mom came home from work, she nagged me for hours about why I was upset. Finally, the stress of my unplanned pregnancy and the idea of disappointing everyone I’ve ever known and being a pregnant virgin got to me. I told her what was going on.

When I said I was late, she put her head in her hands. “You’re having sex?” she asked, sounding miserable.

“OMG Mom, no!” was my response. I mean, obviously.

She picked her head up and stared at me. “Then what are you talking about, Jessica?” she asked. The idea of telling my mom that my boyfriend and I had made out almost naked was horrifying. I shrugged and stopped answering questions. Finally she hissed, “Did his penis go inside of you?”

My mom asking me that was too much to handle. I screamed no and ran into the bathroom crying. My mom probably thought I was insane but she’s also a panicky person, so she went out and bought me a pregnancy test. As we waited for the test results, my mom told me she was going to have D arrested (she didn’t like him very much) and I told her that wasn’t possible and also that we were in love, so to leave him alone.

The test results were negative – obviously. I wasn’t pregnant. I was thrilled… my mom, not so much. The next day she made an appointment with a gynecologist to get me on birth control pills (she didn’t believe I was still a virgin, which was pretty infuriating). We never talked about it again, but all in all, it was the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done to myself in front of my mom. PS: I got my period the next morning.

Have you ever had a pregnancy scare? Would you ever tell your mom about it if you did? Have you ever been worried about getting pregnant even if you haven’t had sex? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Jane


  • Addi

    I’m not gonna mention my age or anything but I had a boyfriend who was 3 years older than me. But just before he moved away permanently, we fooled around a bit. We didn’t actually directly had sex but whatever we did wasn’t any better. Anyway, he moved away about 2 months ago but every since then, I haven’t had my period, I’ve been having stomach cramps, I’ve been craving strawberry jam (I blooming hate strawberry jam!), I’ve worked up a bigger appetite and my back and ankles were sore. I haven’t had any regular morning sickness but I’ve been sick only a couple of times. My parents won’t ever allow me to have a boyfriend so when they found out about him, they were fuming. They literally cut all connection off with him so even if I was pregnant, I could never tell him. Spoiler Alert: He’s in an arranged marriage with some girl he’s never met before. My love life sucks. Also, my parents don’t believe in abortion so I can’t exactly abort it, nor do I want to. But my parents will literally kick me out if I actually am pregnant. I’m already screwed as my parents found out about our… intimate relationship. Can’t find a better word to describe it. I’ve never actually had sex but I’m certainly not innocent. I’m also going through minor depression (don’t worry, I don’t cut) and huge amounts of stress so I use my one escape. Music. Obviously, I can’t constantly listen to music and I have to deal with the current situation first. I’ve also been needing to pee more often. I’m gonna get a pregnancy test soon if things don’t get better. Only 3, well 4 now if I include you, know about this. My soul sister knows, her mom knows and my best friend knows. But I’m sooooooo scared they might blab. Jeez, I’m freaking out now! I’ve been getting exhausted easily and just had a minor asthma attack the other night. I JUST NEED SOME ADVICE!!! ANY ADVICE!!!!!

  • Cassie Brienna Wisener

    ( Please dont judge me! ). Please help me! I don’t care who! Please some one reply! I think I’m pregnant! I’m 7 days late! Me and my bf haven’t even had sex! I’m like the girl in the article, we do every thing but sex. Okay, one time when he went, I’m pretty sure a little bit got on my finger, and then I went to go pee. I wiped and I touched my vagina. I’m always a couple of days late, but I don’t think I have ever been a week late! What do I do!?

  • Ash Rose

    Stupid mother. Believe your daughter, no matter how much of a teenage rebel she is, she will still tell you the absolute truth about these things. Also, losing your virginity isn’t a bad thing. Dumb woman. At least I’ll never have a pregnancy scare, I’m lesbian.

  • Lookket Monshouwer

    Im 14 and I didn’t have my period for two month I’m scared cuz in 2 more days it will be 3 month I never has sex or anything. I have morning sickness my stomach start to grow and I don’t know how cuz I’m a person who don’t really eat and my friends also think I was pregnant I even went to the school nurse and she told me to see a doctor or get a pregnancy test but I’m scared

  • Christen

    Were you pregnant or was it just a scare ?!

  • Christen

    Were you pregnant or no ?

  • Christen

    I know this conversation was a while ago, but no one ever confirmed if they got pregnant or not!?Did anyone that grinded on each other in the nude and without anything on get pregnant or no? I’m kinda freakin out here..

  • Shobdo Pori Kunjo

    Yes I haven’t sex . But his sperm dropped outside of my lungi not inside.and it also dropped on my leg finger because I was standing normally. And at the moment I was washed my lungi and my finger. But I am now scareing because my period is 10 days late. So what is this? And now I am in very tension .so what can I do?

  • NightJinx

    Ok, so thus far I’ve read a bunch of comments about people going through pregnancy scares and I feel the need to say this: virgins do NOT get pregnant! Also sperm has it’ limitations. You guys need to start paying attention in health class or biology! Another thing, people who don’t under sex, pregnancy and the consequences of their deed really shouldn’t be partaking in sexual acts that have them so scared they think they’re pregnant! I’m 18 and I’ve had sex a bunch of times, but the main reason for me never having a pregnancy scare is because I chose to educate myself about sex and be safe, I take the pill and make sure to use a condom all the time, I even got an IUD put in me.

  • NightJinx

    I don’t mean to be rude when I say this but you’re only 13, “mucking around” with your boyfriend shouldn’t be something you are doing, not unless you are mature enough to understand the consequences of your actions. You aren’t pregnant because that requires actual sex, but if I were you I would hold off on doing the deed till you can actually understand it.

  • Vic1221

    So, I am 22 years old and I am a virgin. I know, what a weirdo. Anyway you can say that getting pregnant is one of my greatest fears…and thats why I am a virgin. I am also a very anxious, paranoid, nervous kind of girl so just as the story told above, I also have scares that I could get pregnant without having sex. Has anyone ever gotten pregnant by a toilet???? Like you know if a guy jerks off and well it goes in the toilet or something? Well that kind of stuff scares me. Anyway, I should be getting my period in about two days, but I am scared because I has clear discharge about a week ago and my lower abdomen was hurting too. It was a lot of discharge. I have also been getting dizzy lately. But that also normally happens to me. I just went to pee and has some light pink spotting….and some weird like threads or something on my pee. They were like brownish pink white. They were weird. And I am also, again having pain in my lower abdomen. Yes, I am scared again of bring pregnant and being a virgin. My boobs are also really hurt when I touch them, well put a bit of pressure on them. Happens when i get my period too. But you know my paranoid mind. It is good to know I am not the only one that freaks out about getting pregnant without having sex. Thanks for sharing this.

    • NightJinx

      You should really go to a doctor and get checked out, it could be something wrong with your body.

  • Isa DI

    Hello, I’m 19 , same situation bit despite the fact we didn’t have sex bit only touch ourselves with clothes on I am still so nervous. I’ve been thinking on it a lot and also felt sick. Shall I talk to mom or should I but that tat by myself? My period is 3 days late by now.

  • Hannah

    I’m 15 and me and my boyfriend were messing around and I was grinding on him I had panties on but he had nothing he didn’t cum but I’m scared that maybe some of his precum went through my panties and got me pregnant is this possible ?

    • NightJinx

      Nope, not possible. Pregnancy requires intercourse, meaning penis needs to be inside the vagina. Sperm cannot travel through the barrier provided by your panties. Also pre cum doesn’t actually sperm in it unless he came before hand and didn’t pee after cumming and pre cum has very little sperm in any case on the rare occasions that it doesn’t in fact have sperm.

  • Sam

    I’m 21. Me and my girlfriend had this grinding. I didn’t actually inserted in her vagina but besides the opening near her thighs my pre-cum was there….She peed in bathroom and tooked an I-pill immediately. What are the chances of her to get pregnant? Plus we dont know that it went in or not but yes she tooked an birth control pill immediately. Need Help

  • katy miller

    So I’m 14, and we’ll me and my bf was going around and he was sorta on top but his penis was pointed up and I was giving him a hj and he was finger me we he cum but like his hand read covering and I pulled my shirt down and stuff and I told him to get up and went to the bathroom and peas and nothin was on me or down there well I immediate start panic ing the next morning and Idk but he came back and we had sex not like full out but yeah and condom was fine we stop ed and stuff then later that day we did again but with same condom Idk if that’s bad or not but it wasn’t inside out our anything and then he left them Sun March 1 I was supposed to start and didn’t well he came over we had sex for like15 min max condom wad fine I wad fipping have been all week cause my period hasn’t come it’s now Friday6 and still nothin people say I’m fine but Idk I’m really scared I’ve cramped and little back pain one time Idk what’s going on been the worst time off my life I’ve been so scared and need someone who’s been thro this to talk to anyone if they know our think anything my mom had one rule I broke it and could never bare to tell her I just need some answers

  • eds

    I am 16, and i didnt have sex or i didnt do anything to get pregnant, but i’m a little bit concern about my body, my breast is getting bigger and i dont know why ?please help? I know this will sound weird but Can you get pregnant just by kissing your boyfriend???

    • NightJinx

      Nope, actual intercourse is needed to get pregnant, like full on penetration. Your breasts getting bigger could just be puberty. Also sperm doesn’t travel up your boyfriends body to his mouth mix with his saliva and then down your throat straight to your ovaries…So it’s extremely unlikely that you’re pregnant