Wait–Now We’re Supposed To Do WHAT Before Sex?!

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New wipes designed to be used to freshen up before sex and to clean up after sex have very little to do with feminine hygiene–and a lot to do with making money. | Source

In the media and advertising industries’ seemingly never ending campaign to make us insecure about the state of our vaginas, a slew of new ads suggest that before sex, we all need freshening wipes–even dudes (but maybe not as much nor as often).

The ads are for Playtex Fresh and Sexy wipes, because, you know, nothing is sexier than making you scared of your own privates, and nothing is fresher than the stale notion that there’s something inherently wrong with you down there that you need to fix with the help of something likely designed and devised by men. That’s a totally new, novel, attractive idea, right? Right?

The wipes are designed for use before sex and after sex, because they want you to think you and the guy or girl you’re with are gross without a little help. The messages are designed to say that “In order to be sexually desirable, women need to be clean where it counts.”

You can see some of the tongue-in-cheek and admittedly amusing ads here:

before sex feminine hygiene 1


before sex feminine hygiene 1


before sex feminine hygiene 1


before sex feminine hygiene 1


But please don’t be fooled by them.

The vagina is actually a self-cleansing organ, and gynecologists warn against using feminine hygiene products designed to “freshen” you down there before sex. Wipes and douches (as in the actual products, not the jerky guys you avoid) are bad for you because they can mess with your body’s natural pH and actually lead to infections–which will make you have a legit problem down there that you didn’t before.

It’s totally normal to want to freshen up before sex, but you shouldn’t feel pressured into it by anything or anyone, especially not by strangers trying to sell you something. The best way to make sure you’re in tip-top shape before sex is just to shower with regular old soap and water. If you don’t have wipes or perfumes or weird chemicals to clean up down there, it doesn’t mean you’re not sexy or that you’re not prepared–it means that you’re actually pretty smart and safe.

Do you think that you need wipes or sprays to freshen up before sex? How do you freshen up down there before sex? Do you think guys are under as much pressure as girls to clean up before sex? Tell us in the comments!

And be careful if you shave down there before sex, too!

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  • Miko

    So block me

  • Miko

    If it stinks wash it.

  • Patty Wilson

    My husband and I use Wild Wipes and we love them! Their website is http://www.wildwipes.com, we used promo code Wild and got free shipping too. Not sure if the promo code still works but it’s worth a shot, Wild Wipes are great!

  • Jami

    Wash only with a castile based soap. Other soaps contain too much muck
    Soft water is nice but only clear drinkable water id ok.

  • kissablelips

    Yes I agree. I have to wash and be clean. I dont want my bf feeling yuck when he goes down on me. But I dont douche or use wipes or anything like that. I just use soap on the outside and use a shower to rinse myself. I remember when I first started having sex. I was very young then and to me all this was new. My bf was many years older and he loved going down on me. He would start going down on me and then would say “lets go have a wash, so we smell fresher” and he would take me to the shower and wash both my front and bottom bits. He loved making me bend over and licking my anal bits and thats why he would soap my bottom clean so he could do that. Now thinking about it, I think OMG! did I smell that bad?? I was very young though and he taught me so much.

    • Leah

      It’s so different with me I’m on the pill 3 months using I still couldn’t stop spotting ment ny. Bf couldn’t go down on me till the second month a day after sex I would stink of fish I would use wipes cuz I couldn’t use my bf parents shower as no lock. And I wood still stink any tips

  • Kaitlin Adams

    I have to be clean. It’s a little O.C.D with me, so I’m constantly worrying I’m NOT clean, like anywhere. My hair, my face…and my ‘down there’ area. So I use wipes and sprays a lot…A LOT. I had no idea that they are bad for you! I seriously thought they were the good stuff! If they’re seriously bad for me, I might have to stop using the wipes…but I don’t know if I can stop using the spray. I’m just weird like that.