Preparing For Winter Storm Nemo With The Help Of “Finding Nemo”

You may have heard about Winter Storm Nemo, which we’re gearing up for here in the northeast. My hometown (Burlington, VT) is on the list of cities expected to get at least 12 inches of snow, and I am actually supposed to be traveling back home this weekend. Don’t get me wrong – I am a winter-loving girl through and through, but I get nervous about storms in general, especially ones that could maybe get my flight home canceled.

The only thing that seems to be helping me quit stressing about Winter Storm Nemo is thinking about the kinda-sorta-similarly-named adorable movie Finding Nemo. So to make myself a little less stressed, I’ve put together a little Nemo-centric GIF fest to take you through how I am kind of feeling about the snow and how things might play out for me.

Now, normally when I hear that it is going to snow, I get pretty excited.

When I see that first snowflake, it’s pretty magical.

Seriously, I love a snowy winter day a lot! I enjoy a snow-filled romp! Just these scary-sounding storms also seem to come at the worst times possible.

If my flight gets canceled, there is going to be a whole lot of whining.

I may even try to engage in a fight with the weather (not sure how yet).

However, my flight is scheduled for tonight so I think I should be okay to get out of NYC early and beat the snow. So, let’s say I am able to fly home safely tonight.

Well, the storm is still supposed to come where I am in Vermont!

Even safe at home, the winds and snowfall could still stress me out.

Luckily my family is good about preparing for the snow, as well as being there for me when I start getting stressed out.

And you know what? When I look outside, if I see a winter wonderland, I may just be awestruck by how pretty the snow looks.

Although, I’m wondering if the snow is going to block some of our windows (bummer).

But hey, maybe I can make some snow angels for the first time in forever.

And you know, Dory has some helpful advice – I mean, just replace “swimming” with “shoveling” and she knows how it goes.

And while I may not enjoy shoveling now, I know that when I’m in the summer heat sweating like crazy, I’ll wish it was still winter.

In closing, if snow is expected where you are, I hope you stay warm and safe!

Are you supposed to get snow this weekend where you live? How do you prepare for snowstorms? Tell me in the comments.


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