Where Are They Now: The Forgotten Siblings Of ’90s TV Shows

Source: Nikki Nelson/WENN.com

Source: Nikki Nelson/WENN.com

John Francis Daley Now…
I am thrilled to report that John grew up from a “geek” to a really hot dude. Also, he’s definitely the most well-known in this bunch. He’s currently on the TV show Bones and had a role in the movie Horrible Bosses. He also tweets a lot, including kind of weird things like this: “Peeing is like going to the movies. The older you get, the more previews there are before the feature starts.” But, whatever. Now whenever I watch Freaks and Geeks, I’m totally going to picture him as he is now: really cute.


Which other TV stars did you forget about? Which of these stars do you wish would start acting more again? Tell me in the comments!


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