Setting The Record Straight On Virginity Myths


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There’s no real “exact” definition of virginity — while it’s pretty much accepted that a virgin refers to someone who has not had sex with another person, what exactly “sex” is could mean different things to different people.

In addition, there are a lot of myths out there in regards to virgins and virginity. When those are continually spread around, it can cause a lot of confusion and pain. It’s best to clear up that info, so we’re taking a minute to just debunk a few virginity myths now.

Myth: An intact hymen proves you’re a virgin.
The hymen (that tissue membrane at your vaginal opening) can be stretched or “broken” for a whole host of reasons that don’t include sex. There are virgins who don’t have an intact hymen, but they are still virgins.

Myth: There has to be blood after your first time having sex to prove you were a virgin.
While it is totally normal to have some bleeding after your first time having sex, it’s also normal if that doesn’t happen. Again, because your hymen could have been stretched prior to you having sex for a number of reasons, you may not bleed after your first sexual experience, but that doesn’t mean you weren’t a virgin.

Myth: Using a tampon means you’re not a virgin.
This is a common one (it was even brought up in Mean Girls!), but it’s not true. Though yes, a tampon can stretch your hymen, using tampons has zero to do with if you are a virgin or not.

Myth: Masturbating causes you to lose your virginity.
While masturbation could stretch your hymen, if you masturbate that doesn’t mean you lose your virginity. Most people consider that you lose your virginity involves sex with another person, so someone who masturbates can still be a virgin.

Myth: A girl can’t lose her virginity to another girl.
As we said above, although when many people refer to virginity, they are talking about experiencing penile/vaginal sex, remember that virginity can have different meanings for different people. We all can define just what losing our virginity means, and as a result, two girls can definitely lose their virginity to one another.

Myth: Having sex with a virgin will cure illnesses.
There are some people in the world who believe that having sex with a virgin female will cure HIV/AIDS. There is no truth to this myth at all, and luckily there are people who are working to make sure others are properly educated on the actual facts regarding HIV/AIDS.

Myth: Being a virgin is weird. Or alternatively, being a virgin makes you better than non-virgins.
You completely have the choice to remain a virgin as long as you want and that doesn’t make you weird at all. In addition, choosing to not have sex doesn’t mean that you are better than those girls who are no longer virgins, as they also have the choice to make their own decisions about sex. Basically, whether you’re a virgin or not, it’s not something to stress over because it certainly doesn’t define you as a person.

Had you heard any of these myths about virginity before? What are other myths about virginity that you’ve heard? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Alexis Campos

    If you bleed after sex he’s popped your cherry, what exactly is your cherry anyway??

  • Precious

    U guy have to be wise not everyone dat tells u “i love u nd would do anything for u”truely loves u some want to have it nd dat all,i would advise u keep ur viginity until u are married becus in dat marriage there will be love nd u girls have to be careful nd make such d person u are giving u viginity to worth it nd will be ready if anything happen.just be wild

  • Mo B

    Ok I just lost my virginity yesterday. At first it hurts really bad but the pain didn’t last long. After that, it started to feel really good. Also don’t be nervous, be calm & relaxed. Plus no one can tell you if you are ready or not. You’ll know when you’re ready. If you have to question yourself about or think you’re ready then you shouldn’t do it. When you KNOW you’re ready, you’re ready.

  • GawjusGirl

    Im 15 Me and My Boyfriend Have Been Together For 3 years now ! Im A Virgin And I want Him Too Take My Virginity This Valentines Day ! Any Heplful Information Will Be Nice

    • Mo B

      Don’t be nervous & just be relaxed.

    • mozelle

      im also 15 and me and my bf have been together for about a year and im avirgin and im lose my v then as well but if u think u are ready that means u are and my bf said he will finger me be for he put it in me so it will not be that bad but my mom said it real the size of the penis that will depend if it will hurt but thxs plxz tell me sum to help me in my jouney

  • libby_66

    does it hurt a lot? every says it does:/

  • layle

    Can a virgin get pregnant without penetration?? Can she get pregnant if a guy cums near her vagina??

    • kelsey

      I think it’s better to be safe than sorry and keep the semen out & away from your vagina. Whether through condom use or mere foreplay, it’s good to be careful.

  • Tyler-Rae

    yay! finally some clarification

  • Aya


  • faithlovehope22

    Yes I heard you have to bleed after having sex for the first time. My boyfriend and I had a big conferation about this, because I was a Virgin when we had sex and I didn’t bleed after our first time and began to accuse me that I wasn’t a virgin.

  • Annah

    I am looking forward to losing my virginity very soon to my boyfriend of almost six months. We have been very good friends for almost 7 years so we know each other extremely well. We are very open when we talk about sex. I told him that I don’t want to use a condom the first time because I want him to be inside of me and not just some plastic. However I understand the importance of having safe sex and using protection but I’m being stubborn. He supports my decision and agrees with me that he would like to not use a condom the first time too. Any advice or reassurance? I would really appreciate it (:

    • lee

      When I lost mine we were just fooling around and so i lost it without a condom… but he put one on right after that so we could continue without any worries

    • Anna

      I think that is very ignorant. You are probably going to get pregnant.

    • Trish

      Sure, just don’t get pregnant girl!x

    • Adrienne

      There is a myth that a girl cannot get pregnant her first time having sex, however this is untrue. If you are dead set on about not wearing a condom when you have sex, I would advise at least taking birth control. This will need to be prescribed by a doctor, but some sort of protection is better than none.

  • Emi

    I am 15 and have never had a period, If I love my virginity before starting my period, Will my periods be effected?

  • Courtney

    Does a hand job count? Btw, I was really young, and I was told to. I didn’t know what I was doing.

  • TeenGurl

    Loved this! Thank you for clarifying here! Really needed someone to tell me!

  • Autumn

    Wow, mkay.

  • Purity Balls

    Myth: a ‘tight’ vagina means you’re a pristine maidenflower, while a ‘loose’ vagina means you’re a filthy slattern who’s been stretched beyond redemption by countless men.

    Fact: vaginas are interesting elastic things that involve muscles, and muscles can be exercised. While it’s possible for vaginas to suffer trauma (during childbirth, say), tightness alone is not an indicator of sexual experience

    Myth: A virginal man is a loser; a non-virginal woman is a slut.

    Fact: Grow the hell up.

    • Riley

      Finally, thank you.

    • karenv

      *standig applause*

      • erd


    • Jay

      TOP COMMENT! 🙂