GIF My Life: Attending A Valentine’s Day Party

Last week, our awkward friend GIF Girl tried her hand at Valentine’s Day shopping, which proved a little stressful. Since then, time has flown by and with no valentine for her crush, she’s shrugged it off and has gotten excited to just hang out with her ladies.

While a one-on-one date on Valentine’s Day can be exciting, sometimes a party with your friends is another great way to have fun. But of course, things will not always play out exactly as they should for GIF Girl, now will they?

My BFF decided to throw a Galentine’s Day party this year, and I’m pretty stoked.

It was weird though because she didn’t even ask me to help her plan anything.

But when I walk in, my BFF’s house is PACKED with people from school – girls and guys.

My BFF pulls me aside and says because she knew I’d never ask my crush to hang out today, she staged this whole party so we could hang out.

Well, I’m kind of flattered and excited, but also stressed because I only half showered before coming over.

Well, there’s no turning back. We walk in, and of course who is the first person I see.

I see my crush coming over to check on me, but I make a swift recovery.

“It’s just a silly party,” I tell myself as I take a quick rest in my BFF’s room. “Go back downstairs and you’ll be fine.”

I come back down to the party and my crush is waiting for me (awww!). We start talking, but I don’t want to seem phased by the Valentine’s Day hoopla.

But soon the pressure is off and we’re having a pretty solid convo.

People are kind of dancing around, and a new slow song starts playing. My crush asks me to dance. With him. In front of people.

And just before we can, things take a turn for the worse.

Just like that my foot catches the stereo wire and yanks out a chunk from the wall. The song suddenly stops. People are not pleased.

I glance at the damage and it is not good. My BFF gives me a “sorry” glance, but with no music in the near future, she decides it’s a sign to wrap the party now.

Sigh, so my crush and I didn’t get our magical dance, and yes I now have to pay to repair part of my BFF’s wall… but it could have been even worse… maybe?

Have you ever attended a Valentine’s Day party? Will you be going to one again this year? Tell us in the comments!

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