Can You Really Spot Men Who Cheat Within Seconds?!

men who cheat

This guy has a few signs of men who cheat–that lipstick is the least of his problems! | Source: ShutterStock

Men who cheat are a slimy, sleazy breed, but are they actually easier to sort out than we all thought? (After all, if a guy looks like a guy who would cheat, chances are you’d stay away from him to begin with, right?)

A new study says that women can actually pick out men who cheat based on looking at photos of them for three seconds. Three seconds. What are the alleged tell-tale signs of men who cheat?

Apparently, tall guys are more likely to be “ruled by the penis” (their words, not ours!). Men who cheat also have wide set eyes, bushy brows, square jaws, or–drum roll please–big testicles. We’re not sure if those huge nads were shown in the photos that the women in the study got to see, but whatever. Still weird. Also? Men who cheat may have bumpy noses–which are reportedly linked with being into kinky sex stuff. Men who cheat also have big biceps, washboard abs but not necessarily strong legs, because they’re only working out the muscles they think people will see. Another habit of guys who cheat? Hair that’s shorter on the sides and longer on top … which is only like, the most common hairstyle for dudes ever.

(For reference: My first boyfriend cheated on me. He didn’t have bushy brows or a square jaw, and his hair was all one length. His nose was normal, and I don’t really want to talk about his balls because EW EW EW OMG EW I CAN’T MAKE IT STOP.)

So basically, every hot guy you know has potential to be labeled, through “science,” as a man who cheats. There’s only one criterion of men who cheat that we can kind of get behind: heavy drinkers are more likely to be unfaithful, which makes sense since boozing heavily can lower inhibitions and hinder good decision making. Plus, do you want to date a drunk anyway?

The study, which seems sort of absurd, explains that most of those traits are signs of higher testosterone levels, which are common in men who cheat. But it looks like they’re not taking into account what really goes into cheating: a lack of respect, a lack of self-control and often a sense of entitlement (a guy who wants to have his cake and eat it too). If you happen to be dating a tall guy with a bumpy nose, full brows and slightly shaggy hair, it doesn’t mean he’s a cheater. But if you’re dating a guy who ignores you, accuses you of infidelity, or has a bunch of weird texts from girls in his phone, then you may have a problem.

But not as big a problem as the girls who now assume every dude with a six-pack and square jaw is a creep. Especially because the author of the study says that the results are varied, which means: Hey, it’s probably all crap!

Do you think there’s a pattern in the physical appearance of men who cheat? Do you think men who cheat look alike? What signs do you use to tell if a guy is cheating? Tell us in the comments!

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