Would You Ever Use Kitty Litter As A DIY Face Mask?

diy face maskWell, here’s a question I never thought I would ask: would you ever use kitty litter as a beauty product? Actually, when thinking about the crazy remedies I see on Pinterest on a daily basis, this really doesn’t sound so strange.

Why am I asking you if you’d ever use kitty litter as anything other than the stuff your cat pees and poops in (sorry for the gross image)? Apparently, kitty litter makes for an awesome DIY face mask… um, okay. I’m open to hearing about it.

I’m not sure who figured this out or how that even happened, but I do know that popular YouTube beauty blogger Michelle Phan made a video about it, which I saw on HuffingtonPost.com this morning. Guys, this was too good not to share.

Michelle starts off the video by saying, “I think we need to get over the grotesque image of kitty litter and really understand what basic kitty litter is made out of.” Okay, agreed. Kitty litter does seem all sorts of yucky, but maybe that’s just because we’re used to it being used in only one way?

According to Michelle, the stuff that kitty litter is made of is great for your skin – it detoxifies, refreshes and purifies. It’s supposed to help with blemishes, oily skin, cellulite, stretch marks, sun damage, shrinking pores and more. Surprising fact? It’s used in a ton of different facial masks. So maybe you’ve been putting kitty litter on your face all along and you’ve just never realized it…

Anyway, Michelle shows you how to make your very own, DIY kitty litter mask and starts referring to it as clay rather than kitty litter. Yup, sounds much nicer. And actually… this is sounding… really cool.

Okay, I’ll admit it: when I first heard the words “kitty litter” and “facial mask” together, I was really grossed out and I was totally ready to be disgusted by the whole video and idea of actually using kitty litter on your face. But now that I’ve seen it in action and heard about all of the stuff it can do, I’m pretty curious. Make that really curious… like I might stop at Target when I get home to get some unscented kitty litter so I can try this. Check out the video – you might be inspired to do the same:

Would you ever make a kitty litter mask? Or do you think it’s too gross? What weird beauty tricks have you tried? Tell me in the comments.


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