I Want To Cut Off My Hair, But That Makes Other People Nervous


Miley says she’s done with long hair! | Source: Brian To/WENN.com

In a recent interview with E! News, Miley said that she doesn’t miss having long tresses, saying “I could never see myself having long, long hair again.” She even said that Liam loves her short ‘do!

Confession: I love cutting my hair. LOVE IT. It’s such a rush. While Miley’s guy may love her short hair, I unfortunately have the opposite experience with some of the dudes in my life.

I’ve been growing out my hair for a while now, and over the past couple weeks my friends and family have been making comments about how nice it is. My response is always, “Meh, I kind of want to cut it all off.” Watching Anne Hathaway win a million awards lately has also reminded me how much I want a pixie cut.

I’ve been saying I want to cut off my hair for a longggggg time. Whenever I start talking about cutting my hair (which I do often), some of my guy friends always look very nervous and hesitant. They tell me that my hair looks good long, and I should keep it long.

Okay, these guys never yell out “You’ll look awful with long hair!” or are outright mean, but I can tell they’re a little nervous about how my daring haircut would turn out. These reactions make me start second guessing my decision to cut all my hair off.

I mean… it would be pretty drastic (especially because I’ve been growing my hair out for a while now). Even though I’ve had short hair before, it’s always been about bob length that I could pull it back in some fashion. While it’s not like it’s 100% my guy friends’ hesitation that is keeping me from trying out a new look, it does make my own concerns stand out more.

I mean, I am pretty lazy with my hair care, so would I be good about short hair upkeep? Can my face shape pull off short hair? How do you even know what shape your face is besides “face”? Things to consider!

When I told my cousin that I wanted to cut my hair off, but it made some of my guy friends nervous, she just said, “You need to be a Jo March and just do it!” Need some backstory? In Little Women, one of our favorite books, the awesome Jo chops off her hair and sells it to help her family. Okay, so my haircut wouldn’t be for such noble reasons, but that same fearlessness of doing something totally unique and different is a good thing to embrace.

When Miley first cut her hair, it got people talking (even you guys!), but she never seemed to let it get to her. I think I need to take that same attitude and just go through with my own hair dreams despite what anyone else says. I don’t know if I could really pull of the platinum blonde like Miley, but I so badly want to copy her messy style short hair.

I just think it’s so cool that Miley’s comfortable just doing what she wants to do and not being so caught up in what other people think. So girls, should I take the plunge and cut my hair short? I think if I decide to finally go through with a drastic hair cut, I would do it once the spring rolls around in a couple months, so until then, I need help to build my confidence!

Do you think I should just go for it and cut my hair really short? Would you ever chop off your hair like Miley? Do you let your friends (guys or girls) influence what you do with your hair? Tell us in the comments!

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  • AJ

    I did it and I really don’t like it! I miss my hair and all the things I could do with it, and, while my hair doesn’t look bad now, it doesn’t look how I thought it would and I don’t really like it! Think hard before/if you do it. It also kind of changes the way people look at you NOT THAT THAT SHOULD MATTER AT ALL, Not even in a bad way, it’s just different.

    • AJ

      I know this is late btw it’s for everyone else reading this

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  • chris

    I think you should do it that’s what I did had hair down to my bum and got it cut 1 cm shorer than mylie I got it dyed the same color and I had brown hair

  • Angie

    I cut my hair like a month ago, but I’d been talking about chopping it off for months! People were really shocked because I had my hair up to my hips, and I had been growing it out for almost 4 years. But I really liked the pixie cut Anne Hathaway went for, and I decided to just go for it! Some people said that they missed my long locks, but most of the poeple I know said I looked better and prettier, and I actually feel even sexier 😀 So don’t be scared gurl, follow your gut and do some bold choices!

  • Sofia Belieber Smiler

    we have the same problem my birthdate isn’t real …i want to chop my hair off but everyone says me you have so long hair so don’t do this…From the first time I saw mileys hair i wanted to do this…they are amazing ….I am pretty lazy with my hair care too so i could have them ready every timewhen i saw some quotes of mileys interviews i wanted to go just that time in the hairdresser ..just take a look..

    “I feel like I had bun every day of my life. I hated the extensions hair—that’s sewn into your head. It’s creepy. You will never see me with long hair again! My fiancé [Liam Hemsworth] loves it…It’s so easy and [I] don’t need to wash it. It looks better grungy and not washing it.” Miley said

    “I’ve wanted to cut my hair forever. About six years ago, we did an episode where they made my hair look like Twiggy, and ever since I saw that, I’ve wanted to do it. But it was just getting the guts to take a razor and know that your hair doesn’t grow back overnight. It’s not the cutting it that scares you. It’s the growing it out. But it’s so worth it. I could never see myself with long, long hair again. It was so much maintenance. This is so easy! It’s so nice”. Miley said

    we have the same problem ….read this

  • Melissa

    I had hair to my butt. 4 weeks ago, I pulled a miley and shaved the sides, while leaving the top. I donated 12 inches to locks of love.
    Did it shock everyone? YES!
    Did people criticize me? YES!
    But did I care? NOPE (: it’s awesome! I feel sexy, like a whole new me.
    It is a liberating experience, and I believe every girl should experience cutting off a good chunk of their hair at least once. Believe it or not, it acts as a test of friendship. People literally have stopped talking to me because I no longer have long locks, and it made me realize how fake their “love” for me was. However, a few true friends have stops behind me and have supported me.
    I can go on and on and on about why you should do it, but seriously…it’s the best feeling ever. I say do it…remember, it’s just hair, and it will grow back. Cutting is never permanent (:

    • Angie

      duuude, that is so right! a lot of people stopped talking to me too just cause of my hair:p but it really makes you feel so lightweight, amirite?

  • rosa

    I had my hair cut really short when I was 11 and no one really liked it so I grew out my hair again. The front of my hair is now down to my shoulders and the back is just under my shoulder blades. I have decided to cut it again and was really unsure so I read this and it inspired me to cut my hair short again 🙂 Goodluck!

  • basschick


    Whether it sucks or is rockin’… OWN IT! It is honestly the best policy… If you love it / act like you love it, other people will too. 🙂

  • NaeNinja

    A couple of years ago I cut my hair super short. It was liberating. It looked amazing and I absolutely loved it. It’s not for everyone though. You have to be super confident and if you want it to grow out after, be prepared for a couple of months of a day hair day. I think you should do what makes you happy because in the end you have to live with it. Rock it and stay fabulous.
    Much love,
    XOXO NaeNinja

  • LittleRedWolfGirl

    Just do it!! I finally did, and I’m so, so happy! I’ve been keeping a much shorter style over the past year, and I recently got it cut the shortest it’s ever been. Some people were a little… unsure, I guess is the right word, but I don’t care. I love it! I feel like myself, and it’s so much easier to take care of. It takes two seconds to brush, and you use far less shampoo, so you save money on that. It’s also a lot of fun to style, too. I can leave it flat (though I rarely do). I can fluff it out to a bit more messy style, or use a bit of paste (which doesn’t leave the crust that gels do) to go with a ‘Rachel Maddow’-type ‘do. If you think having your hair cut super short will make you happy, do it, and forget what the guys say. I’ve heard that guys in general like longer hair on women (I know this isn’t universally true), but it’s your hair, not theirs.