What Guys Want In A Girl – It’s Not What You Think!

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What guys want: Her pearly whites! | Source: ShutterStock

What guys want is usually relegated to a few things: bacon, video games and tickets to the game. But what guys want in a girl is usually relegated to the stuff you see on cheesy Maxim covers: boobs, butts, taut tummies, long legs with thighs that never touch, perpetually smoky eyes, hair extensions, slightly orange skin and vaguely pained facial expressions.

Turns out, what guys want most in a girl isn’t any of those things.

A new survey from Match.com says that what guys want most in a girl is a nice set of teeth and a firm grasp on … grammar?!

Teeth ranked as the number one thing guys judge girls on – and the number one thing we judge guys on, too. Proper grammar came in at a really close second, so you may want to pay attention in English class. Also important? Pay attention to what you post on Facebook, because not only are they judging your grammar, but guys also admitted that they sometimes research you before a date – and what they find online can definitely impact their opinion of you. And let’s be real: you totally do that too, right?

In third place? Your hair. While the survey doesn’t specify what guys want in terms of your ‘do, chances are they’re judging based on how clean and healthy it looks. Your clothes are next, followed by whether or not you have tattoos. Next in what guys want? Your hands and nails–are they clean? Manicured? Soft?

In terms of what guys want, they’re definitely not judging you on material things. The least ranked must-haves for guys included your shoes, what kind of car you drive and what electronic gadgets you use (so don’t worry about getting the new iPhone to impress your crush–he probably won’t care).

As for must-haves on the inside? Guys are looking for a girl they can trust and confide in, which is sort of sweet, isn’t it? They also want a girl who treats them with respect, which is obviously a huge part of a relationship. We both list a sense of humor as crucial in terms of a must-have personality trait in a potential date, and dudes also want a girl who’s comfortable in her own sexuality.

So basically, a typical guy wants his girlfriend to be trustworthy, respectful, funny and confident. Not revolutionary stuff, but definitely some things to keep in mind on your next date!

Were you surprised by what guys want in a potential date? What do you judge guys on before deciding whether or ot to date them? Does what guys want match up with what you want in a guy? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Dottie

    What I can honestly say is that guys want girls that will be themselves. It may sound cheesy or lame but it works. They just want someone they can be real with. Guys that look for certain things are most likely conceited or has insecurities and that’s not good for a healthy relationship. Don’t try to change or fix yourself to please others because you never know who may like you the way you are.

  • Rell

    Good thing my teeth are straight and i had braces lol hehe

  • Popadom101

    Well , I’m getting braces tomorrow, so I’m the highway for getting a boyfriend! Right? RIGHT?!

    • rachiepoo

      deffo 😉