10 Ways To Keep Your Sibling Rivalry In Check

I love having siblings, but believe me, there are some days where it is a total hassle. Whether it’s an older sibling getting all the attention or a younger sibling getting spoiled, there can be a lot of friction in your house. When you remember that sibling disagreements can have some long-time effects, it becomes even more important to try and get along.

I was reading a Glamour interview with Kylie and Kendall Jenner recently, and the first sentence says that people probs know who they are “because of their famous sisters.” Gah, that’s got to be kind of rough to immediately be known because of your siblings and not necessarily for you. Still, the girls talk a lot about their relationship with their older siblings and it seems that for the most part, they get along and avoid the dreaded trap of sibling rivalry.

Having siblings – younger or older, famous or not – can sometimes be a challenge. Here’s some tips for how to keep things peaceful at home when it comes to dealing with your brothers and sisters and keeping your sibling rivalry in check.

How many siblings do you have? Would you say that you and your siblings are friends? What is the biggest thing that you and your sibling fight over? Tell me in the comments!

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