Shaving Pubic Hair Can Land You In The Hospital!

shaving pubic hair

Shaving pubic hair is trickier than shaving your legs–but if you use a razor like this one, you’ll have safer and better results than if you use a cheap one. | Source: ShutterStock

As if your business down there weren’t stressful enough, now shaving pubic hair has been linked to a whole bunch of injuries. Scary!

Emergency rooms have seen a huge rise in pubic hair removal-related injuries, and most of them are from razors. 88 percent of people who hurt themselves removing their pubic hair did so while shaving, with scissor accidents down there coming in at roughly 22 percent of injuries, while hot wax caused 1.4 percent. And think of it this way: These are just emergency room cases that have been reported. Chances are there are a lot more accidents and injuries from shaving pubic hair, trimming or waxing it than people are owning up to, because, well, that’s a sort of embarrassing thing to explain to your doc.

The scariest part? A big chunk of those injuries were in girls under 18. Yikes! To avoid any trips to the ER that you’ll have to awkwardly explain to your doc and your dad, here are tips for shaving pubic hair to avoid getting hurt:

Always use shaving cream or gel.
It’ll help your razor glide more smoothly and prevent ingrown hairs.

Make sure you have a quality razor.
You’ll want one with multiple blades and a pivoting head to prevent nicks and cuts. You know how much those hurt when you get them on your ankles? Think that pain times about a hundred when it’s on your lady bits.

Trim it first if you can.
Some bikini razors will come with a trimmer. Use that or scissors first before shaving to get the hair as short as possible so you’ll have less to do later.

Do it in the shower or bath.
Soaking for about five to 10 minutes in warm water will soften the hair and make it easier to shave off. Soaking in the shower may be easier, because you can prop your legs up and may have more visibility.

Don’t go against the grain.
When shaving your pubic hair, go in the direction the hair grows first to avoid irritation. Only go in the opposite direction if that fails–and don’t go over the same section more than two or three times, or you risk cuts and irritation.

Be sure to rinse your blade in between strokes.
If it’s clogged with hair, it won’t work well!

Don’t shave during your period.
Not only does that sound super messy, but you’re also more sensitive to pain.

Get your hands on some hydrocortisone.
Shaving your pubic hair can make you itchy down there. This’ll prevent it!

Have you ever had a mishap shaving pubic hair? Do you wax or shave pubic hair? Have you ever gotten hurt shaving pubic hair? Tell us in the comments!

Guys are at risk of injuries shaving pubic hair, too!

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  • Ethyri

    It helps if you wash up first and then shave last, no matter where you’re shaving. It helps cleanse your skin of dead skin and hair cells and it helps make it easier to shave cleanly and properly and reduces the likelihood of nicks and cuts. I also use one of those bath poufs, so it exfoliates the area which is extra helpful.

    I actually get itchy and irritated if I let it grow out for too long, because it’s just annoying and curly and likes to get in the way.

    It is a person’s choice what they do with their pubic hair, however.

    Consider the fact that many people with vaginas do, in fact shave, for whatever reason, including just enjoying the way it looks and or/feels. That does not make them a pedophile. Nor does it make one a pedophile if their partner also enjoys the way their genitals look and feel.

    Not only that, but it’s seen as “normal” to be hairless to begin with so people grow up thinking that’s just the way it should be, and literally has nothing to do with something like pedophilia.

    Also, assuming that it’s only men who are like that is sexist, as it also implies that lesbian and bisexual women do not exist/don’t take an interest in other people with vaginas who are shaved/waxed bare.

    Furthermore, first and foremost it is the individual’s personal choice as to what they do with their pubic hair, and if they feel like shaving it that does not mean they’re doing it to be a “little girl,” they are simply doing what they like for themselves. Assuming everyone with a vagina is a woman is cissexist, and assuming that people with vaginas who trim/remove pubic hair do it for men is sexist and erases that individual’s personal choices and their freedom to make those choices.

    There is not a single “right” way to look like a woman. It’s as absurd as saying that women with small breasts are not women because of their breast size, and that anyone who ever likes them must be a pedophile – same for women who may not have the most curvy bodies.

    Women come in all shapes and sizes, and that should be respected. What they choose to do with hair anywhere on their body is their choice, and that should be respected.

  • Jasmine

    I have been shaving down there since I got hair down there. It itches and it itched even worse when my period came. Every time I get my period I shave because otherwise it drives me up the wall and through the roof because it itches that bad. I never let my hair grow longer than a months worth of growing.

  • Tina Kolinas

    I tell my clients that using a razor blade for shaving down under can cause ingrown hairs, irritation and itching. Try a personal shaver like the Hair eRazor. It is the most economical and efficient way to be smooth everyday.

    Tina Kolinas
    Licensed Aesthetician

  • Robbie

    Try actually washing with water. If that is insufficient, use a small amount of mild soap, such as a baby shampoo. Avoid getting soap where hair doesn’t grow between your labia majora.
    A bidet is nice for washing and for saving toilet paper. Combination commode (WC) and bidets are available in America, as are bidets built in commode seats.
    Avoid toilet paper between your labia majora and around your clitoris. Toilet paper is made of wood pulp, essentially finely ground “sawdust,” microscopic wood splinters. Imagine tiny splinters stuck in your tender precious parts. Ick!
    While in the subject area, only trim pubic hair that gets pulled into your vagina during thrusting. It can cause severe chafing, even bleeding, especially of a circumcised penis shaft. A circumcised penis slides within the vagina with every thrust and pullback. An uncircumcised penis slides within the vagina once when it is fully inserted and once when it is pulled out. Thrusting slides the inner penis within the outer shaft skin. The only part of the penis that rubs inside your vagina is the glans, the enlarged bulb at the tip. That part of your vagina where it moves is well lubricated with natural cervical mucus and pre-ejaculatory fluid from the penis.
    I agree that men who like shaved vulvas are secret pedophiles who like to imagine they are having sex with little prepubescent girls. A real man desires to copulate only with a sexually developed woman.

  • Kat

    I’m new to this…I shaved for the first time and I didn’t realize (cause I’m such a noodle) that going against the grain wasn’t something you’re supposed to do…So when Googling for solutions to the itching I saw loads of people saying not to do it. Now I’m really worried…Will I be okay down there?

    • Ishanee

      Don’t worry. I did the same once but its fine for the first time. There MAY be pimples down there, but they wont hurt. Wait for two months before shaving if you have normal hair growth. Apply some nice smelling moisturizer and don’t care a damn. 🙂
      Chill out, chica. 😉

  • Exaelia

    But but but, I NEED to shave during my period especially, since sometimes blood might clump in the hair! It’s gross! And when I don’t shave “against the grain” there’s still hair. And I still miss SO much hair!

    • YoursTruly

      Shave a couple days before it

    • africanbeauty01

      trim it then

  • Lolerator

    My experience with shaving down there sounds pathetic compared with some listed above. (or below – I dunno where this comment will appear!!!) Anyway, so there I was, in the shower, and pretty new to shaving. I accidentally cut the fleshy, soft, pinky bit of that area. I really stung for around a week after that. Plus, I made a rather messy job of the whole thing – the hair itself itches like crazy sometimes, and has recently appeared to have light red patches, where the hair hurts when touched. Has this happened to anyone else? Xxx

    • Gabby


    • Ishanee

      That’s a rash!!!!!!!

  • steve sharkman

    how about not shaving down and looking like a little girl down there?
    any man who wants a grown woman to shave and look like a five year old girl is a pedophile at heart.
    don’t be a victim of the current “little girl” pop culture of today.
    I have a suggestion, how about being proud to have hair and being proud to look like a woman?

    • jess

      That is true.. but some girls want to shave because it can get a little itchy.
      Also.. there really isn’t a “little girl” pop culture of today… some girls just feel more comfortable shaved! It’s not like you’re going to tell the world you’re shaved down there so you can ‘fit in’… Just my opinion^^

      • Jess

        I agree with you! If a girl wants to shave done there, she’s doing it for herself, not for some guy..

    • Ishanee

      Totes. But its upon us to shave or not to. And it feels cleaner during your period, coz the blood sometimes doesn’t wash out and dries. 🙁 And pulling that blood out really HURTS. A lot.

  • violet7789

    I’ve cut myself once when trimming, lol, it surprisingly didn’t really hurt and just barely bled. I agree about the itching though. Over time it’s gone down, but I’ll still get those random moments where it itches like crazy.

  • me

    I had a horrible experience with bikini-line shaving once! I shaved against the grain, and got a really bad ingrowing hair, and it was right in the bend, so it got really irritated, and eventually got infected. (yuck, I know). it got very big, and even when it healed (after about a MONTH), it left a mahoosive scar, which I’ve still got. D:

    • escape hunter

      aww im sorry ! ive never gotten an infection or a cut but that sounds pretty bad :/