Rom-Coms That Would Be Ruined Without Saturday Mail

Y’all, I am so upset right now. The Postal Service has announced that it will no longer deliver mail on Saturdays as of August 1. I know they’re doing it to save money. Billions of dollars to be more specific.

But I LOVE Saturday mail! I love all mail, actually. I recently had a letter exchange with a friend, and it was just so nice. He wrote, “Snail mail is really under-rated,” and I couldn’t agree more. As a kid one of my chores was to check the mail, but I loved running up the driveway to greet the mailman and dig through letters.

Not getting mail on Sundays is bad enough, but they’re taking away Saturdays too? I don’t like it, and I started thinking about all of the rom-coms where mail is an important factor. Let’s take a look at how not having Saturday mail would have affected these movies…

How do you feel about no more Saturday mail? Do you think it would have changed these movies? Tell me in the comments!

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