I Can’t Stop Thinking About Cosmo’s Review Of These Panties For Your Period


Panties with a pad for your period! Source: UndiePads.com

I can totally get behind not wanting to ruin your favorite undies during that time of the month. But would I ever want to wear disposable underwear with a maxi pad built in? Well, until this morning when I learned about UndiePads, I didn’t even know that the option existed before me.

So imagine my fascination when I read a review in Cosmo of UndiePads. As I just learned about these, I obviously haven’t tried them out, so I can only judge based on this reviewer’s experience.

Let me begin by saying that on the first read, I totally missed the fact that they are disposable. Even though she said they have a “built-in pad,” I guess in my mind I thought it was maybe like an insert or something, and then the underwear itself was some special absorbent thing that you washed (so like, a cloth pad, but it’s your whole underwear). Guys, it made sense in my mind, okay?! I mean, she described the product as “pink terrycloth-like material,” so naturally, I also just assumed it was like wearing bath towel underwear.

Anyway, while she didn’t really have complaints about their absorbency and ability to do their job, when it came time for the UndiePads disposal, she had a lot to say on the topic of “period smell.” Apparently, these products didn’t mask that unpleasant scent effectively, so much that she had to seal them up and trash them outside immediately.

Well, reading about “period smell” wasn’t how I imagined the first hour of my workday going, but here we are. This article has prompted a lively discussion on the topic here at Gurl today, with some who claim they have no clue what a “period smell” is and others who have had some traumatic experiences regarding it. It’s been a weird day so far.

While I can’t say “period smell” would have ever jumped into my mind when thinking about a product like this, now that Cosmo‘s review went ahead and brought it up, that’s now all I will ever be able to associate with this product. Sorry UndiePads’ testimonials, but the damage has been done. Plus, it’s kind of pricey! It’s like ten bucks for a pack of three. That’ll only last you a day and a half, even if you wear each for the maximum amount of time.

Also, I totally get the author’s choice to not try this product out in public. I can already imagine the disposal issues trying to take off your whole underwear in a super-tiny bathroom stall (which can only get better when experiencing miserable cramps) and trying to shove the panties in those receptacles which a) never seem to be in the stall I am in, and b) never seem to open all the way. And what if you forgot to keep a spare pair in your purse? If you have to throw out the whole underwear, I feel like that could cause some logistical problems about what to do next.

There always is a risk that your lady products slip up and your best undies get stained, but even with that risk (which come on, can be minimized by just wearing some old, boring underwear), I just don’t feel ready to commit to all that is UndiePads.

Had you heard of UndiePads? Would you ever try a product like this? Do you share my same confusion and concerns after reading the Cosmo review? Tell me in the comments.


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  • raomegha

    I remember using disposable panties and tampons and being worried about stains .I have tried period panties from My Adira its works really good and has always kept me away from stains . Its was very useful for me most of my flow days .

  • AmyM

    I remember Always having disposable undies when I was in grade school. It sent however have a built-in maxi it was just a guard and your normal panty replacement. It worked as you described this one to work, preventing leakage.

  • FancyDancer

    I have an enormous fibroid in my uterus which is going to require a hysterectomy to ‘fix’. While I wait for medical insurance, my periods are a nightmare!! Heavy doesn’t come close to describing it. An ultra tampon PLUS an overnight pad will only buy me 90 minutes to 2 hours – day or night. Sitting, standing, moving, laughing — everything affected by “OMG, how long since…” — being at work was even worse.

    Anyway – a couple months ago, out of desperation, I talked to MOM about it. She suggested trying the disposable underwear used for urinary incontinence. I HATED the idea, but a really bad period not long after made me rethink my reaction.

    They are surprisingly comfortable, extremely absorbent and not visible under clothes. The sides DO tear, but, since I don’t want to push my luck, I stick pretty close to home on those days. They are cost effective for me, because I frequently have 2 periods in one month (21 days) and using an entire box of tampons PLUS a whole pack of overnighters every month really adds up quickly.

    It’s definitely not my first choice but if you’ve ever had REAL problems with flow control, and hate the idea of scrapping an $80 pair of jeans or a nice dress, or a car seat – it’s worth a shot. Another bonus is the underwear is available pretty much anywhere from the mall to the grocery store, the ultra tampons I use? — I order from drugstore.com …

  • Kathryn

    I tried them during the night and when I have realized that I no longer fear the leaking part, that I can actually sit on a chair at work with my fellow male associates and not worry about getting up and looking at the chair, I felt so free.. Free in a way I have never felt before..And, by the way, each pair has a Toss n Go bag which seals in the used pair and is so discreet- no one knows what is inside.. Anyhow.. This is the best invention I have seen in a long time..and, I almost died from tampons.. So, Undiepads is my new must have…

  • Sandy Bluvband

    I personally have tried them and I will have to say an amazing product. I am a party coordinator and run around the whole day. Some times not having time to run in to the bathroom. On my heavy days I have worne them with complete protection and zero leakage. I wore them thru out the day and changed them when I got home. No issues with smells. My periods are pretty heavy the first few days so to sleep thru the night with out waking up to a mess is great. I would not go back to regular pads.

  • Deborah Scott

    that’s what i thought too: make the sides so you can tear ’em to remove but go a step further and make em like a diaper you can fasten to put them on as well without having to remove your pant 🙂 ppl might not like that association. The ‘period smell’ can happen with with other pads as well so that doesnt concern me. If you’ve ever had to deal with really heavy periods where you leak onto your pants or your bedding even with the extended coverage, overnight pads then this idea sounds very appealing!

  • Karene

    Why didn’t someone think to take this product a step further and make them like toddler pull-ups. You know, make them rip apart at the sides so you don’t have to step out of them?

    • Molly

      They do! Or at least they did. They’re called “Kotex Personals.” Amazon still sells them.

  • Jamia

    This product would make me switch to tampons. eww

  • karenv

    I can’t stop thinking about the overall inconvinience of this pads. The period smell, that you have to take off your clothes to change them, the price and some of my own: what if the seams see through with a skirt ( i have to use a pencil skirt as uniform),where to buy them, having to take at least a clutch with you so you can change it and not everyone in an office noticing, how confortable they are (i hate bikini cut, i only wear hipsters)…

    No, I won’t try them, I’ll stick to good ol’ tampons and tiny disposable pads.