Find Out Everything About Your Dog’s Personality!

I love my dog, but every once in a while, I have to worry about her and wonder whether she’s really smart… or just kind of dumb. She’s a German Shepard/hound mix, and she’s extremely manipulative. Sometimes she does really smart things, like sneaking food when it seems impossible or cuddling with one of us when we’re feeling sad. And then other times, it’s just like, what the heck are you doing?! The other day I put a blanket over myself like a ghost and she ran around me in a circle for 10 minutes barking like crazy. It was weird.

But anyway. If you’ve ever wondered how smart or dumb your dog is, wonder no more. The web app Dognition will help you answer that question. Basically, you pay $60 and get a series of tests to put your dog through (don’t worry, the dogs are supposed to love ’em). Once that’s done, the test results get analyzed and you’ll figure out what your dog’s personality is.

It’s not even just split into “smart” or “dumb.” There are actually a bunch of different personalities that could fit your dog. Is he/she an Einstein and a total genius? Is he/she a Socialite who knows how to get a party started? Maybe he/she is Maverick, or in other words, very independent and successful. Your dog could be a Stargazer, which seems like the dog version of a hippie. Maybe your dog is a flirty Charmer, an Expert team player, a Renaissance with many talents or an Ace, which seems like basically the best type of dog. Who knows? You won’t, until you use this app.

If it sounds like I’m making fun of this, I’m actually not. I would really love to know more about my dog’s personality, mainly because I like to imagine her as more of a person who talks to me inside her head and understands what I say to her rather than a puppy who really enjoys sticks of butter because they’re yummy.

As if finding out the secrets to your dog’s personality wasn’t cool enough, this app promises something even cooler: to bring you and your pup closer together! Aw. I feel like my dog and I sort of need this. I kind of tend to neglect her for my kitten, which I feel really bad about. Plus, once you know what kind of dog you have, the app gives you “games, tools and tips that can help your dog thrive.”

I think this sounds so awesome and I’m pretty much ready to shell out the $60 for it. I want my dog and I to connect on another level! I’m going to go ahead and guess that she’s a Maverick, but… we’ll see.

What kind of dog do you have? What personality type do you think your dog fits into? Would you ever use this app? Tell me in the comments.


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