Sexy Sex With Shallon: When It Comes To Relationships, What Is Considered TMI?

My BFFs and I disagree about how much sharing is too much!

My BFFs and I disagree about how much sharing is too much!

Tra and la, darlings! I am the happiest little kitten in the whole wide world. And no, not only because the Super Bowl party I attended served Funfetti beignets- although that did help – but because B and I are officially BF/GF!

Most of you- 85%! – said that I should just go for it and ask him about our status, but, ehhhh. I’m just not that sort of girl. It’s not that I thought he’d shoot me down or anything, but it’s like saying “I love you” first – if you do it, then you’ll always wonder if he was just responding in kind to be polite. I would always wonder, did he really want to make me his GF or was he just going along with things?

But that didn’t mean I didn’t help the process along.

Here’s how it went down: we were laying around this weekend, and the subject of the birth control pill came up – mostly because I steered the convo in that direction on purpose, because I’m sneaky. You’ll see why in a second.

Is my b.c. a jinx? Source: Shutterstock

Is my b.c. a jinx?
Source: Shutterstock

“You being on the pill would probably be a good idea… right?” he offered.

“It would,” I said slowly. “But, I’m kind of superstitious- I’ve been on the pill before and the relationships have ended horribly. So I’m not going to go on it unless I know that, like, stuff is legit between us.”

That’s as confrontational as I could manage. I left the door open for him to update our status – and he did! He was so adorably nervous, asking if I was interested in just casually dating or…?

“No,” I said firmly, “I’m over the casual dating thing.”

He said he was too and said he wasn’t seeing anyone else, nor did he want to. Then- squee! – he asked if I’d be his girlfriend! Weeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

I went to brunch with my girls the next day and an interesting topic arose.

“Soooooo, now that you’re official, you can be so much more relaxed around him,” said my BFF Klo, who knows that I’m a bit high maintenance; I refuse to let a guy see me brush my teeth, put on deodorant or GOD FORBID go potty.

“Um, false,” I countered. “There is a difference between rudeness and intimacy. No couple should watch each other do those things. Bathrooms have doors for a reason.”

It didn’t take long until we had gotten into a debate over whether being open about certain body stuff means you are closer as a couple or are just ruining the romance one flush at a time.

So, as I prepare to spend more and more time with Boyfriend B (eee I love saying that!), tell me in the comments where you draw the line in terms of personal grooming! Am I being prudish or ladylike?

Tell me your thoughts in the comments, and don’t forget to visit me at my website and follow me on Twitter and Instagram. I’ll blindly obey and be back next week with a fresh new update!

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