I Have A Love/Hate Relationship With My Curls

Recently, my hair and I have not been getting along. A few weeks ago it just would not cooperate. I hated it up, down, half-up, braided, you name it. It’s like hating every outfit you try on, except it’s attached to your head.

So I freaked out and grabbed some scissors. I was standing there in bathroom holding shears with my wild hair like a crazy person. But then I couldn’t do it. I thought back to when my mom cut my hair short as a kid and I cried for weeks. The time I chopped my hair off in college and decided I didn’t like it after a few months. I gave myself a nice, calm trim instead.

I started looking at Keratin treatments and permanent straightening again. Before I even looked at the ridiculous prices, I slapped myself into reality. My curls have always been trouble, but I never took permanent action before. Why should I now? I just don’t think I’d be myself without them.

This morning my curls were having a good day, and I felt like me. I’m always going to be the girl who spends too much time on her hair. I’m always going to be the girl who can’t go to bed with wet hair because she’ll wake up with a fro. I’m always going to be the girl whose hair runs wild when it’s humid. And I’m okay with that.

My curls are resilient and have a mind of their own, just like me. They do what they want, when they want.

It may be exhausting to make my hair work for me, but I really do love my curls. They’re super versatile, which I’m so thankful for! It straightens well and holds curling iron curls forever. I can go days without washing. As frustrated as I get, I wouldn’t be me without this crazy lion’s mane.

Do you have curly hair? Do you struggle with it? How about you straight-haired girls? Tell me in the comments!

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  • Lisa

    NEVER keratin. The old stuff that was all full of craazy chemicals worked well, but my curls never came back. The new stuff made my hair ugly as f*. Now I’m waiting for my hair to be strong enough to do a curly perm and get back to me. When I went down south for college everyone had straight hair and I was burning mine to death to get that look, so permanent straightening made sense at the time, but my mom was right lol shoulda listened and kept my pretty curls. Now that I’m moving back south I wish I had curls again to stand out!

  • Eb

    If you have curly hair you need to read the site naturallycurly.com or read the ‘Curly Girl: The Handbook’ by Lorraine Massey.
    Lorraine Massey also runs the site naturallycurly.com and she posts a lot of tips and tricks for curly hair as well as answers questions.
    She developed her own curly hair products for curly haired women everywhere -for every ethnicity too!- because the products used these days often contain alcohol and a lot of other stuff that just doesn’t do your CURLY HAIR any good.

    If you’re tired of hating your curls and you want to love them, I recommend going to this site and learning a thing or two.

  • Ruby

    You said pretty much everything I love about my curly hair.

  • iflip4fun

    I have curly hair and have finally learned to love it! Just keep trying products is my best advice
    I use deva curl and it is amazing! They have all kinds of products, and tips plus special treatments and routines! Go look up their website!

    Curly hair is tough to live with sometimes but it makes me me! All my friends get jealous of it and on a good day I love it! All in all, I wouldn’t be me without it!

    Also curly hair problems/quotes on google, tumblr, twitter etc are great!

  • jaliyaht3

    exatly how i feel somtimes

  • Anna

    This article is EXACTLY what I feel. My curls and I have a love/hate relationship, too. My haiir gets very frizzy when it’s humid and it stays mainly in a ponytail.
    But, I really do love my hair. I am the only one in my family with curls, which makes me different…and I don’t mind it.

  • Eve

    I agree, my curls make me who I am, even though they’re a pain in the butt and my hair spends most of it’s time up. Not everybody has curly hair, so I embrace it and make it my own.