WTF?! This Is The Craziest Tattoo I’ve Ever Seen

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OMG. No matter how this may come across, I swear I’m not trying to be judgmental or mean. But seriously, girls, this is the absolute worst tattoo I have ever seen in my life. It’s not just a bad tattoo – it’s a bad, make that terrible, decision.

Let me just put this out there: I have nothing against tattoos. While I don’t have any myself, I sort of want one sometime soon. My younger brother worked in a tattoo shop for years and is really tatted up, and I’ve never cared either away about the artwork on his body. But that doesn’t mean I’m okay with all tattoos… and I am so not okay with this one. Face tattoos? Always a bad idea. Huge face tattoos? Even worse. Tattooing the name of someone you’re dating on your bod? Horrible. And this girl somehow managed to combine all of those things.

So what the heck is going on? A Russian woman, Lesya Toumaniantz, let her new boyfriend give her a humongous face tattoo of his name – wait for it – 24 hours after they met. I… what… speechless.

Lesya says, “It’s a symbol of our eternal devotion. I’d like him to tattoo every inch of my body.” She also got the words “All For Love” inked over her eyebrow. Oof. Girl, you need a friend. Call me. Seriously, I want to give you a hug.

First of all, ouch. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Second of all, no. I don’t think I need to tell you guys that this is a terrible idea. Let’s start with the fact that tattoos are serious business – they’re drawings on your body that are meant to be permanent. Face tattoos are even more serious, and in my book, always a no. For one thing, face tattoos seriously alter your image. I think it’s great that acceptance of tattoos and body art is growing, but let’s face it: few people are going to take you seriously when you have your BF’s name etched across your entire face in Gothic script.

Lesya and boyfriend Rouslan | Source:

Lesya and boyfriend Rouslan | Source:

Oh, and let’s not ignore the fact that getting a tattoo of a BF or GF’s name is almost never a good decision. I know you want to show your eternal love and devotion and all that, but there’s gotta be a better way… right? Not to be a downer, but what if these two break up? Things may be a little awkward for Lesya here. Just a little.

I mean, if you insist on getting your SO’s name tattooed on your body, at least do it in a less noticeable spot, like, say, anywhere but your face. That doesn’t seem like it’s asking too much. Also, you should probably wait more than 24 hours to decide you two are destined to be together. I mean, yeah, this particular couple met online before meeting in person, but still – 24 hours is about 20 years too soon. 

What do you think about this tattoo? Would you ever get a face tattoo? Would you ever get a tattoo of someone’s name? Tell me in the comments.


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  • lilsmileychai

    1. Do you have any piercings? Where are they?

    Yes a nose piercing and first and second on lobes

    2. Do you have any tattoos?

    Yes two. One on my wrist its a rainbow shooting star for equality, the other is 3 purple roses on a vine

    3. Do you want another piercing? Where?

    maybe another on the ear…

    4. Do you want any(more) tattoos? If so, what kind?

    I’m getting my rose tattoo covered up as still roses with maybe a dragonfly or two… ( waited too loong to get it touched up oops).

    Besides that I want a horseshoe tattoo maybe a rainbow one…
    or horse with rainbow mane and tail…hmmm or both lol

    5. Which celebrity do you think has the coolest tattoos? I like demis,Mileys…etc…lol

    6. What’s your least favorite kind of piercing? I personally don’t like stretching ears…some people it looks cool if they dont go too far…

    7. Do you think there’s a part of a girl’s body that should never be tattooed? down there 😛 Their body their choice!

    8. Do your parents approve of tattoos and piercings?

    No they hate them Mom more then my dad…

    9. Have you ever gotten a secret piercing or tattoo?

    No i just annoyed them lol… Though i only told one parent when i got my second ear lobe…

    10. Have you ever gotten a piercing or tattoo that you regret?

    No. Though I do wish my mom would’ve let me go get my tattoo touched up before they closed the shop…oh well…

    Would you ever get your tongue pierced? | Source: ShutterStock


    11. How old were you when you got your first piercing?

    first ears: little, second ears: this year…

    nose: first try 2007 ( i had trouble changing it and wouldnt go back in) second try this year woot

    12. How old were you when you got your first tattoo?


    13. Do you like guys/gals who have tattoos?


    14. Would you ever pierce your nipple or down there area?


    15. Would you date or hook up with a guy/gal who had there down there pierced?

    i dont think so but who knows 😛

    16. Is there a piercing do you wish you could get, but you probably never will?

    lip rings…..

    17. Would you ever stretch out your ear piercings?

    I like my little ears 😛

    18. Have you ever gotten a piercing or tattoo infected?


    19. Have you ever considered becoming a tattoo artist?

    yes I used to be a good drawer lol

    20. Would you ever get a significant other’s name tattooed on your bod?

    No thats a bad thing to do.

  • meeee

    Under the pic you captioned it saying “her boyfriend Rouslan” but there’s clearly 2 s’s maybe even g’s in the front of her face so that makes it kinda impossible that the name is Rouslan. It could just been that you forgot one of the s’s in his name and made a small error, but in my opinion that discredits your entire story because it could also be her grandfather’s name or she coulda got paid a lot of money to do it on a dare. Who knows? (although I will admit she’s too beautiful a girl to have this on get face)

    • meeee


  • Anonymous

    I’m so sad for them and the parents.

  • Aleesha

    Its a face tattoo, its 24hrs, the bf is kind of a freak….it all adds up to “FAIL” .But if it works out, lovely for them!!:) best wishes! If not, “how naive and dumb can u be?” And no one’s being judgemental, its the internet, everyone has an opinion!
    BTW, bet if u saw these two walk by you in real life, 90% of u would have a judgemental comment or two;) goodnight!

  • name

    well, nothing better than watching ignorance via a blogger about a person they never met.

    can’t get enough of that trash. (envy kills)

    and what’s it to YOU? she did what she wanted.. how would you feel is we all started trashing your (good?) name over things you done by freedom of choice?

    eh… preachy folks and their fears…

    bloggers.. graffito-ing the net, wasting away it’s bandwidth with stupidity.

  • Kandy

    Why are you being so preachy?

    “Would you ever get a face tattoo? Would you ever get a tattoo of someone’s name?”
    How many times is this question going to be discussed?

  • ANNE

    This girel WAS very pretty. Although she seems happy in these couple of pictures. I wonder as time has gone by if she still feels that way today. That “boyfriend” of hers is a serious freak. He not only destoyed his face and body. He had no problem destroying another’s face one forced her to do this. BAD DECISION, GIRL!

  • JustDMarie

    Honestly, I feel like you guys are partnered with Sourcefed or something, cause i see these stories and the video about the same thing, lol

  • Ebony

    Honestly I think you’re being way too judgemental and not giving anywhere near all the information on this. Throughout the article all you say is how dumb it is, and how they jsut met each other just 24 hours ago, but at the end there you flippantly mention that they talked online. How long is a big question. Just because it’s only been 24 hours in person, they could have known each other for years otherwise. It really is quite a stupid idea, but to each their own and i wish them the best of luck.

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