Too Much Soda Can Make Your Teeth Fall Out

File this under terrifying news that seems totally fake but is actually very real. 25-year-old William Kennewell has lost all of his teeth from drinking too much soda. Yeah, you read that right. He was drinking up to eight liters a day! Talk about a sugar rush.

He says, “It started because I wasn’t a huge water fan and working in the hotel industry, I had easy access to Coke.” Well it turns out William’s beverage preference decayed his teeth to the point that he got blood poisoning. He had to have his remaining thirteen teeth removed and now has dentures.

William is actually being used as a case study by Australian health experts to warn teens and children about the negative effects of soft drinks. Dr. Jason Armfield of the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health has made a movement to print health warnings on soft drink labels.

It’s not a caffeine issue but rather a sugar problem. Sure, you see the nutritional values on soda cans. The average 12 oz can of Coke has 39 grams of sugar. Doesn’t seem like a lot does it? What if I told you that 39 grams of sugar is 10 sugar cubes? 10!

Think about that before you reach for a soda next time. Soft drinks are fine in moderation, just be careful you’re not drinking so much that your teeth fall out!

Do you drink soft drinks? How many per day? Tell me in the comments!

Watch out for those energy drinks, too!

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  • Emma Strike

    That’s awful! I haven’t had soda for over a year now. New Year’s 2012, I made a resolution to give up soft drinks for my health. Before that, I would just have an occasional soda, maybe one or two a month. I decided to quit completely because I had a friend who was constantly getting cavities. Every time I saw him he was complaining about a new one that he needed to get drilled. I literally never saw him without a soda in his hand. Now that I’ve given sodas up, I have almost no desire to ever have one. A few months ago I had a sip of one, and it tasted way too artificial and syrupy.

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  • Nicolas

    1. Effectively he obviously ever brushed his teeth.
    2, Dentist every 6 months with fluoride treatments.
    3. A dentist would have picked up the issue a long time before it got so drastic.
    4. Let’s hear from the Australian Dental Association – Let’s get the facts or is real journalism Australia?