What The Heck Do My Dreams Mean?!

Roller Coasters

I’m pretty scared of real roller coasters, but I find them popping up in my dreams. Usually, I’m at the amusement park with a real random group of people from my past, and in a way, that kind of fits with the meaning of roller coasters in dreams. According to DreamForth.com, these rides could mean “a portrayal of the highs and lows of your life” as a result of the choices we make in life. That definitely makes sense with the literal ups and downs of coasters, but I wonder if I should read further into who is with me on these roller coasters (maybe they are the reasons behind my life’s ups and downs?).

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  • sharon

    i dreamed about my ex , even though he was a total prat to me , in the dream i was competing for his attention with another women who is also from my past,,, i dont love him now and wonder what this could mean,,,

  • Maria Flores

    I had a dream that an old lady was filling a box of old dirty shoes, I try to search the meaning but no luck. Can u please tell me what does it mean

  • Alison

    omigosh i always have dreams that im late!!! more like im procrastinating, and i try to get myself to go but i cant…then i always forget everything too

  • wsw

    Wow, my dreams are way weirder than these. Most of these don’t apply to me, but I did have one with a roller coaster in it. So before I tell you this, I do not like justin bieber, ok? But in my dream i was on a roller coaster having sex with the biebs. Kinda weird eh?

    • CecilleLeroux

      LOL cool i love JB i wish i could have sex with him!! LOL no not realy but in a dream yeah!!