What The Heck Do My Dreams Mean?!

Dating A Guy (Who Isn’t Your BF)

A new study found that we only dream about our partner 20% of the time, and that same study also found that people had dreams about their exes. So what could it mean? Well, according to DreamMoods.com, having a dream BF that isn’t your real-life BF “implies that your existing relationship has moved on to a higher level.” Well that sounds positive! There’s a whole bunch of reasons that dating an ex in a dream could mean – one example is that if dream ex is offering his advice on your real-world BF, it could represent your desire to not make your past relationship mistakes with this new guy. Never even liked the person that you’re dreaming about? Dating them in your dream could be letting you know that you actually think highly of some of their traits.

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  • sharon

    i dreamed about my ex , even though he was a total prat to me , in the dream i was competing for his attention with another women who is also from my past,,, i dont love him now and wonder what this could mean,,,

  • Maria Flores

    I had a dream that an old lady was filling a box of old dirty shoes, I try to search the meaning but no luck. Can u please tell me what does it mean

  • Alison

    omigosh i always have dreams that im late!!! more like im procrastinating, and i try to get myself to go but i cant…then i always forget everything too

  • wsw

    Wow, my dreams are way weirder than these. Most of these don’t apply to me, but I did have one with a roller coaster in it. So before I tell you this, I do not like justin bieber, ok? But in my dream i was on a roller coaster having sex with the biebs. Kinda weird eh?

    • CecilleLeroux

      LOL cool i love JB i wish i could have sex with him!! LOL no not realy but in a dream yeah!!