2013 Super Bowl Commercials: The Best Of The Breaks!

super bowl commercials super bowl 2013

Other than the game and Beyonce, the best part of the 2013 Super Bowl were these Super Bowl commercials! | Source: Hulu

Aside from the big game itself (and the killer halftime show), the 2013 Super Bowl commercials were the reason everyone didn’t want to run to pee during breaks in the field action. Sure, a lot of this year’s Super Bowl commercials were gross–we’re looking at you, GoDaddy–but some of them were pretty awesome. We rounded up our favorites.

One may make you cry, but the rest will make you giggle. Of course, the real question is whether these super expensive Super Bowl commercials will actually make you buy anything–but who cares when you have Amy Poehler, pandas, prom and a goat to entertain you?


Oreo: Cookie or Creme?

Not only did this make us hungry, but it also made us laugh. Loudly. Shh!

Kia: Space Babies

Who needs a sex talk when you have astronaut pandas?

Amy Poehler for Best Buy

In case you didn’t love Amy Poehler enough already, here she is asking how to transfer photos of puppies dressed like hot dogs.

Budweiser: Clydesdales

We’re not suggesting you drink. We just got misty at the sight of this horse reuniting with its trainer.

Taco Bell: Viva Young

Adorable old people acting like, well, you in a dream sequence? Fun.? Yes. Yes please.

Audi: Prom

The car maker managed to cram in an entire developed character into a one minute commercial. Most movies can’t even do that over an hour and a half. You can pretty much feel this guy’s adrenaline rush just watching this!

Tide: Miracle Stain

While it annoys us slightly that the dude couldn’t do his own laundry, we do love the revenge his Ravens-fan wife gets. Go girl!

Hyundai: Epic Playdate

Psychedelic rock band the Flaming Lips, a fantasy world, and, oh yeah! There’s cars and stuff too.

Doritos: Goat for Sale

The shrieking goat may be our favorite part.

Time Warner and The Walking Dead

Walkers are totally the norm. Oh, and there’s Norman Reedus as the flawless fan favorite Daryl Dixon. You’re welcome, Deadheads.

The Lone Ranger Trailer

Johnny Depp. The end.

What was your favorite 2013 Super Bowl commercial? Were there any Super Bowl commercials you hated this year? Tell us in the comments!

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    I love the Oreo one!