8 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Cramps When You’re On Your Period

I don’t think I need to remind you girls that getting your period can be a major bummer for a lot of reasons. For me, the worst thing about getting my period has always been some seriously horrible PMS. When I was younger, I used to get the worst cramps ever. I’m talking so bad that at least one day a month, I either be late or miss school all together because I was in so much pain.

I’m sure most of you can relate. Ugh… aren’t period cramps the worst?! I don’t get them as much anymore (thank God), but maybe that’s because I tried out about a million ways to get rid of them. The upside of that? I can now share my tips with you guys. So, wondering how to get rid of cramps… or at least make them better? Check out these 8 tips that will make that time of the month that much easier.

Do you get really bad menstrual cramps? Did you find these tips helpful? What’s your advice for getting rid of cramps? Tell us in the comments.


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  1. avatarJanny says:

    Thanks for your tips buddy….

  2. avatarBrittany says:

    The foot trip failed. It’s really late and this is cruelthe worst ones ever. I can’t even walk. I’m lying crying in pain while reading this and having my fiancĂ© get me some of this stuff

  3. avatarmahnoor says:

    Period pain sucks
    easy way to get rid of it is to Drink milk more often with a pinch of turmeric in it
    and Pain killer Pills works to0
    but yes , Pain killer only kill pain not the stress within yourself ..
    so eat more And try not to go into the water of taking bath etc as our muscles are continuously contacting and Relaxing .
    this is what i do .. and I am Alhamdurellah Geting perfect results ..

    but its much better to ask it with a doctor because only he could give u an appropriate solution !
    hope ! My suggestion will help u guys

  4. avatarAlyssa says:

    I’m twenty one and I have been on the shot (bled for a year straight) it however did get rid of cramps, I’ve been on the pill, I’ve tried every thing I possibly could, of course I always get male doctors who think it’s really not that bad or can’t be that bad. However they don’t have to experience waking up in the morning in so much pain the only way to help it go away is by throwing up your guts, I throw up every time I get my period, my solution… A shit ton of MOTRIN extra strength and gravol non drowsy (the ginger kind) It does help cause I probably take more then I should but no doctor has helped with it because their men and don’t think it’s really all that bad and I’m over exaggerating. Hot items do make it less painful but when you get them if your like me it’s hell and you want it over and done with now,. So I recommend motrin (works waaaaaay better then midol or ibuprofen)

    • avatarLala says:

      I thought I was the only one, I get the worse cramps, esp. In da Mornings b/t 5-9 and I throw up a few times, this morning I threw up three times and all of the aspirins I took came out as whole pills still

  5. avatarAmanda says:

    I’m 19 now and ever since my first period at the age of 13 I’ve had such horrible cramps that I would miss school for a day or two. I would literally be curled up in a ball crying and unable to move at all; shifting position in bed was cause of spikes in the pain. But over the last few years I’ve learned a lot that helps, and looking back, the extremely painful cramps were my OWN FAULT. I still cannot get over that.

    At age 13, I ate fast food and sugary foods all the time, I rarely exercised (the only exercise I got was walking to and from school each day – a 5 minute walk – or walking to a friend’s house; I would usually sit out in gym), I drank nothing but soda and other caffeine filled beverages. I wasn’t 100% unhealthy, but I definitely wasn’t healthy.

    Now, at age 19, I still get horrible cramps, but they aren’t as bad, or they don’t stick around long because I changed my lifestyle and found what helps during my period:

    ~Cut fatty, greasy, salty foods out of your diet. Not only will your cramps be less severe each month, but you will be healthier, too.
    ~ Do not drink coffee or soda right before/ during your period. I find that if I even drink one can of soda a week prior to my period, my cramps are worse. Drink herbal teas (I recommend chamomile, lemon, or lemon ginger – skip adding milk, though), water, or gatorade – at least, in my case the last one works (but only of the G2 line, never G1 or G3). An interesting tidbit is tea helps with other areas of your health as well, and water can help with healthier hair and skin and keep you more active.
    ~ Exercise! I started doing a daily routine of yoga about a year ago, and it really does help deal with PMS to be active, even if at a slow, moderate pace like yoga. I also found that instead of curling up in bed from cramps, making myself get up and go for walks helps. (Hurts really bad in the beginning, but the pain subsides as you go.) I, also, started dancing; even just to one song a day, it is a vigorous 4-5 minute work out. And the more active I am in the week before my period starts and the first 2 days of my period, the quicker my cramps go away.
    ~ Get on a regular sleep schedule. Believe it or not, it helps. I found that during months I didn’t sleep right, my cramps would be at least 3x worse than after a month of good sleep.
    ~Heat or cold. Everywhere you look online says heating pads, hot baths, warm water bottles which all work amazing, but I find that cold (a cold shower/bath, ice packs, etc) helps too. Especially when you alternate the two.
    ~ Midol. I would try Ibuprofen first, but if you’re like me and that makes your cramps feel worse, go to Midol. It unfortunately has caffeine in it, but overall it helps. Ever since my first period, Midol has been my best friend when nothing else helps.
    ~ Eat lots of fruits and veggies, though stay away from fruits with acidy juices (strawberries, blueberries, cranberries). Stick with bananas, pineapple, melons
    ~ I’ve never done birth control, but I do not recommend it as a way to ease the pain of your period. Cos if you ever get off it, you have to let your period re-regulate and you have to get re-accustomed with your personal symptoms. Not fun from what I hear.

    I hope someone is helped by my sharing of what has helped me. I can understand the pain you go through, and I hope you find relief for your cramps!

    • avatarRobin Dean says:

      Hey i took the pill and i got the implant and the implant worked but i didn’t have a period but cramps and i did have a Little bit of blood though

  6. avatarCynthia says:

    Period craps hurt me like helllllllllll so bad I get sent to the hospital

  7. avatarAllyBlack says:

    I get pretty bad cramps myself (some worker than others) in fact this month my period was 5 days late and overlapped into October which happened to be on the day of a big swim meet. I was in a ton of pain but had no choice. I had to swim. I was able to track down a friend of mine who had Advil. (He was very understanding and felt pretty sorry for me) I was so disorganized that I didn’t even have a tampon but luckily my best friend did. Anyway in situations such as this when I don’t always have access to a hot bath or water bottle or even pills. What should I do? Thanks

  8. avatarTina says:

    UGH. Whenever I’m on my period I can’t breathe properly because the cramps are sooo bad :’(

  9. avatarCaitlin says:

    My cramps are really horrible and I’ve fainted countless times due to them. I’m really quite worried about it as I am doing A levels at the end of the year which lasts for a month and I’m not sure how I’m going to cope with the cramps.

  10. avatarChantell moshidi says:

    My cramps are getting so bad every month i use pain blocks and hot tea to heal

  11. avatarSara says:

    okay so who else’s cramps hurt so bad that they throw up all over the place? i cant be the only one right?

    • avatarMiranda says:

      Just happened to me last night actually. So much pain I vomited… I have been having severe cramps for as long as I can remember. The first three- four days of my period are absolute hell! I do no get mean or cranky but boy am I in a ton of pain :(

  12. avatarSuperbandgeek says:

    My doctor told me that with Ibuprofen, you need to take enough BEFORE you think you start cramping.

    • avatarPaqusinrain says:

      My docter said the same thing but when ever my pain comes it’s before I wake up in the morning

  13. avatarKassidy says:

    When ever I’m on my period I always get the worst of cramps and I mean literally worse cramps so anyway what I do is take panadol and then go have a nap then usually have a hot shower and put my back underneath the running water.at first I thought it wouldn’t work but every month it does Yippe

  14. avatarFrankie says:

    I’m extra lucky because not only do I have awful cramps that sometimes prevent me from going to school, I also have Mittelschmerz (ovulatory pain) which feels like I’m being stabbed.

  15. avatarKelly says:

    Oh, no caffeine! No wonder I cramp so bad. When I’m on my period, I binge chocolate and drink a cup of coffee a day.

  16. avatarpinkheart says:

    Masturbating can help. If you have mild discomfort it works for some people. I believe when masturbating your body releases chemicals when you orgasm that takes away some or all of the pain. Another reason why masturbating is good for you.

    • avatarMiranda says:

      I can actually support this comment… Sounds unrealistic but for me (and I get severe cramps sometimes followed to go to the ER for morphine to help the pain) it is a sigh of instant relief!

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