G-Spot Surgery Won’t Improve Your Sex Life Or Orgasms–It’s Just Scary!

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Surgery on your G-Spot is super dangerous–and won’t improve your sex life or orgasms! | Source: ShutterStock

Whether or not the G-spot even exists has been up for debate for a while, but, of course, people are already out there trying to convince us that ours aren’t good enough.

Yup. There’s plastic surgery for your G-spot now. And most doctors don’t like it one bit … except the doctors who are making money off of “fixing” G-spots.

The G-spot injections, cleverly named “G-shots,” are filled with hyaluronic acid, the same stuff that goes into a lot of wrinkle injections, but in a stronger concentration. It’s supposed to plump the area up to enhance the sexual experience and heighten orgasms for you, but there’s no real science behind that. In fact, injecting anything into your G-spot can actually be harmful.

“I don’t offer it, I don’t support it, and we just don’t know enough about possible side-effects, such as scarring and a reduction of libido over time,” one surgeon said. What’s more, aside from being harmful, the procedure simply doesn’t work: “You cannot increase the size of the spot simply by putting filler into the flesh there. It’s a myth and it doesn’t even make sense. We also know that when you stretch flesh or skin it normally becomes less sensitive, even numb.”

He got even more doom and gloom: “We know from injecting facial fillers that even the act of injecting an area can cause scarring under the surface, which produces lumps and bumps under the skin. I think this has the potential to be catastrophic.”

You hear that? That means injecting anything into your vagina to make your G-spot bigger and better can actually make it worse and make you lose feeling down there–or worse.

What’s more, a lot of positive review of G-spot shots were actually paid for–and one study saying that 87 percent of users had improved sexual sensation in their G-spots after the procedure? Yeah, it only studied 20 patients–probably less than the number of people in your homeroom–and it was never even published. Sketchy!

The same doc who warned against G-spot surgery also noted that a lot of the positive results may just be in patients’ heads. “I suspect there is a large placebo effect, where women believe it will work, so it does work, but the difference is in their minds, not their bodies,” he said.

Another surgeon–this one a female–opposed to G-spot surgery explained why the placebo effect may be happening. “They have spent a lot of money on the procedure so they have a big financial and emotional investment in believing it will work … if they don’t find it improves their sex life, but they hear success stories about wild sex with multiple orgasms, they are likely to feel inadequate and not want to say that, for them, it was rubbish.”

If you really want to improve your sex life, it doesn’t involve improving your G-spot. It involves improving your attitude about sex, your communication with your partner and your own confidence. And those don’t come with side effects, sleaze ball docs (one G-spot surgeon simply said, “sex sells”) or recovery time.

Would you ever consider G-spot surgery? Do you think G-spot surgery would improve your sex life or give your more orgasms, or do you think the risks of G-spot surgery are too scary to try? Tell us in the comments!

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