From The Message Boards: My Friend Slept With The Headmaster!

Sleeping with a student is TOO friendly. Source: Shutterstock

Sleeping with a student is TOO friendly. Source: Shutterstock

When browsing the message boards, I fortunately don’t spot anything too alarming that often. But I came across a girl whose friend had allegedly slept with the headmaster of their school and made a sex tape. My jaw hit the floor.

I have a lot to say about this so let’s see what y’all said first before I sound off:

shiningstar_x said:

I would definitely say something about it to her. Don’t make a big deal out of it though. After all, it wasn’t you. It’s not really your problem.

Ayaka said:

Well, a person in his position should not be making sex tapes, especially of himself and a student.

If I were you I wouldn’t waste my time on trying to convince my friend that what she is doing is wrong, because really, do you think she would listen to you?

Trust me, these kinds of things happen all the time through out life.

flamingoccm said:

Seriously…What is wrong with you people!? Unless this girl is at an age where she can legally consent, this is child abuse and a blatant abuse of authority. Plain and simple. To ask her to keep quiet about it like it never happened is CONDONING this whole thing.

“Trust me, these kinds of things happen all the time through out life.” So, if she used the word “raping” instead of “having sex” would you still say the same thing? Legally, if she’s a minor, it is rape. She saw a video of her headmaster RAPING her friend. Would you still ask her to keep it to herself, because after all “these kinds of things happen all the time?”

To Megluvsya–Tell your parents about what you found. I don’t think your friend would really be in a state of mind to listen to you about this anyway.

I agree with flamingoccm. Except more. Even if she is of an age where she can legally consent, this is SO wrong. If she isn’t of legal age to consent, this is at least statutory rape. And who knows if she consented or not? It’s my guess that this was his idea. Regardless of if she came onto him, as a headmaster and adult, he should have said no. I know shows like Pretty Little Liars (which I love, by the way) portray student-teacher relationships as an okay thing, but they really aren’t.

There is nothing about this situation that is right. The headmaster is so in the wrong I can’t even express how disgusted I am that someone in his position is abusing his power like that. I’m worried about this girl, and she may have let you find that tape as a cry for help. As for the friend, you need to bring this to an adult’s attention ASAP. Talk to you parents and see if they will help you confront your friend’s parents. This is a serious legal situation. There is nothing about this that should be brushed off.

What do you think this friend should do? Should she talk to her friend first or tell an adult? Tell me in the comments!

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  • hillary montage

    omg!!!!!!!! i LOL so hard when i saw this!! hahahaah

  • Ella

    Just…no. Why, of all people in school, would you go for the PRINCIPLE!!??

    She should tell, firstly cos their principle is a pervert and secondly to show her friend that it’s NOT OKAY!

    • anomynous

      Well its not the principle its the headmaster who is the head of the school which is worse but i see what u meant

  • Jillian

    Her friend can’t be the only girl that headmaster has done this to. There might be more victims.

  • Isabel

    She should absolutelly tell!!! This sounds really serious, she should tell her parents instead of her friends or webpages for teenagers.